Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pitching Is Solid, Yanks Win 4-2

I don't often get to see many Wednesday games due to bar league softball. Lucky for me we had an early game (5:50pm) and it ended right at 7pm so I got to listen to/watch the entire game. It was a nice win. Anytime you win the last game of a series on the road and head into an off day, it's a good thing. It makes for a much nice flight. If only they held on to win last night's debacle. Stupid Hawkins.

Andy Pettitte pitched a good game. He started out a little shaky but settled down and pitched a good one. Some might say he pitched too well. He lasted 2 outs into the 7th which threw a little monkey wrench into Joba's night. I was expecting to see Joba pitch the 6th-8th innings but Pettitte was just too good. It would have more sense to me to have Joba pitch on the same day as Kennedy, but what can you do.

Joba pitched real well in his shortened outing. After he walked Markakis, he was pretty much untouchable. I'll say it again: I like Joba pitching out of the pen. I understand the obvious reasoning behind getting him into the rotation and I agree with a lot of them, but I just have a gut feeling that he should finish the year in the pen. Rumors are flying that Joba might get the start next week in place of the injured Kennedy. That would seem to make sense if you think about it. He'll probably be scheduled to throw 75-80 pitches, which would likely get him through 5 innings. He's not going to get in a solid 5 innings of relief in the big leagues. If they're not sending him down, let him start next week. Joba would likely get through more innings than Kennedy if he were starting anyway so no real loss there.

I was kind of surprised they brought Mariano out to pitch the 9th. It made more sense to me when I realized tomorrow was an off day, but considering Mo threw 2 innings yesterday and Joba needed the work, I thought they would have let Joba have a go at closing it out and have Mo waiting in the wings. Makes sense right? I think it all goes back to my earlier point. Winning the last game of a road series is always nice. I think Girardi really wanted the win and he wasn't going to risk losing it. Big win. And when you want to guarantee a big win, you got to Mo. Lights out.

All praise Giambi's 'stache. He raked another ball out onto Eutaw Street. The Big G is in the zone right now. It's hard to believe that a week and a half ago his average was below .200. He'll be at .250 in no time. This is the Jason Giambi we've been waiting for. Glad to have you back.

Derek Jeter is just plain awful right now. 3 hits in his last 9 games (3 for 30). I can't help but wonder if his hand is bothering him. You just don't expect a hitter of Jeter's caliber to stink so bad. Maybe it's time for him to look into a career hawking Ford Edges. I'm so sick of that commercial.

Tomorrow is an off day. Starting Friday the Yankees play 17 straight days. A day of rest might do these guys some good. They're back within a game of .500. I'm sick of writing that so far into the season. Last year after 53 games the boys were 23-30 and 13.5 games behind the Red Sox. 26-27 and 6 games out isn't all that bad. I've said this a lot this year: it could be a lot worse.

Enjoy the off day.