Saturday, August 8, 2009

A-Rod's A-Bomb Delivers Knockout Blow In The 15th Round

The Yankees/Sox game is currently in extra innings. The 15th inning is coming up. I figured I'd start writing this post before the game ends because now matter how it ends, it'll be the same for the most part. It's a great freaking game! A classic for sure.

The Yankee half of the 14th inning was nuts. I thought Hinske won it. I thought Melky won it. The game is incredibly tense and it's only getting more tense as the game goes on.

You've got to give it up to the pitchers tonight. And not just on the Yankees side. Anytime you have a scoreless game after 14 innings, you know the game was all about the pitching. The only thing I would have preferred to see was Phil Hughes get a longer outing. I understand why the home team brings in their closer to start the 9th when the game is tied. It makes sense. I do though think there are times to deviate from that strategy. Hughes only faced one batter in the 8th. I would have let him start the 9th and gone to Mo at the first sign of trouble. But that's just me. I have no problem with how Girardi managed the pen tonight. Everyone was great tonight. Even Brian Bruney.

Can't say much about the offense considering there wasn't any. Tonight was all about the pitching.

Jeter just led off the bottom of the 15th with a single. I can't believe they had Johnny Damon try to drop a bunt. 1)It takes the bat out of Teixeira's hands and 2)Tazawa was getting hit pretty well especially by the lefties. Bad call by Girardi there in my opinion. Thankfully, Alex went yard and ended it! Wooooo. What a game! That's going to find its way into the Yankees Classics rotation sometime within the next few weeks. What a game! What a win! The lead is now 4.5 and that win, in my opinion, is a huge momentum builder for the Yanks.

I'm off to Toronto tomorrow. The Jays are having a reunion of the 92 and 93 World Series teams. Hopefully this trip north of the border will be free of speeding tickets and border delays. The plan was to leave around 7:30am. It's now almost 1am. Not sure if 7:30 will happen. Especially if my kid doesn't sleep past 6. I also don't know if I'll be able to fall asleep after that win.

4.5 game lead. CC tomorrow. A 5.5 game lead is within our sites. Get it done.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,