Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yanks Bomb Back-Back-Back-Back-Beckett For 5 HRs 8-4 Win Over Red Sox

I'm going to make tonight's post short and sweet, and will be probably back sometime tomorrow to expand on it. Tonight's game wasn't the epic battle that I was expecting. CC definitely was the better pitcher tonight and the win gives him 15 on the year, which is the most in MLB. CC is worth every penny of that huge contract. He's going to get better too down the stretch.

The offense pounded Josh Beckett for 5 longballs. Matsui is on a power trip, belting another 2 HRs. It's the 3rd time in 7 games that Hideki has gone deep twice. Beckett is good, but he's no longer a Yankee killer. That's got to sting a little hey RSN. Beckett has been getting pounded lately, giving up 10 HRs in his last 3 games. Ouch. The Yanks are definitely representing that Bronx Bombers moniker this year. 5 Yankees have 20+ HRs. Cano is sitting on the doorstep with 19. Jeter has 16 and Posada has 15. It's highly possible that 8 Yankees will finish the year with 20+ HRs. I'd lay money on it.

The win puts the Yanks lead in the AL East at 7.5 games, which is 2 more than it was 10 games ago, when this road trip started. It's awesome that they knocked 10 games off the schedule and put some distance between them and the Sox. There are 38-39 games to go and picking up 7.5 games on the best team in baseball is not going to be easy. It's been done before so anything is possible, but the Yanks are playing so well right now that I don't see it happening. They now get to enjoy a well-deserved off day and then it's time for a 6 game homestand. And who has the best home record in all of MLB? If you said the Yankees, then you'd be right. Things are good right now in the Yankees Universe. Things are very good.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,