Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yanks Cap Off Series Sweep Of White Sox With 8-3 Win

You know things are going well when Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin combine for a 1-hit shutout. I got to see most of the game before we had to leave for my wife's family reunion (thanks son for taking an extra-long nap). I made it through the top half of the 8th before we had to go. The game was well in hand but that didn't stop me from logging onto the Internet with my cell phone (something I had to pay for) about 30 minutes after we left to check the final. I have to say it. I was impressed with both Mitre and Gaudin. I definitely did not see that coming.

Mitre looked pretty solid. It's a shame he got knocked out of the game though. He was cruising and could have gone the distance as he was only at 73 pitches when he left with 1 out in the 7th. It definitely helped Sergio that the Yankees offense staked him to an early lead. Sergio could afford to be more aggressive and let the Yankees defense back him up. I guess you could say the same went for Gaudin. The offense came through in a big way, scoring runs in every even-numbered inning. It was a pretty good game all-around. Well played.

The series finale was close until the offense exploded for 5 in the 7th. After that it was smooth sailing. I'm not a fan of these new "Joba rules." I get wanting to limit his innings to save his arm but it seems like such a waste to have him start and throw 3 innings. Maybe I'm old school but I think pitch counts and inning limits are ridiculous. I also don't get why it's an inning limit and not a pitch count limit that they're concerned with. It's not the # of innings that affects one's arm, it's the # of pitches they throw. Joba threw 35 pitches today. Seems like such a low amount. Typically, he'd throw that in 2 innings. I wonder what their plan was, 35 pitches or 3 innings? I'm not advocating putting him in the bullpen but they might as well if the plan is to use him for so few pitches. But that's just me. I haven't fully processed it yet so maybe I'll change how I feel about it.

Great game from the Yankee pen, except for Phil Coke, in relief of Joba. Joba left with a 3-2 lead and the pen kept it there until the offense broke through. Phil Coke's slide down the ladder continued today. I wanted to smack him when he pointed up on the HR he gave up. I've written that before about Coke. He points up to indicate a pop-up on deep fly balls. You don't do that, especially on HRs. I vaguely remember reading that Coke got "fined" for doing that when the Yankees' Kangaroo Court convened earlier this year. Coke, unless he pitches tomorrow, is going to finish the month with an ERA of 11.17. That's a quick way to get relegated to mop-up duty. With Damaso Marte back and pitching well so far (no hits/runs in 3 appearances), Coke is probably going to be used very sparingly and not in any big spots. At least I hope that's the case. Phil Hughes continues to dominate as a reliever. He made his 30th appearance out of the pen today and had another great outing. It's been one solid performance after another. As a RP, Phil has allowed only 5 ERs in 38 innings. That's a 1.18 ERA. Talk about being the man. 38 innings, 22 hits, 10 walks, and a whopping 48 Ks. Hughes and Rivera are probably the best bullpen combo out there right now. It's pretty much game over.

The offense again had a nice day at the plate. They were 9 for 23 with RISP over the last 2 games. Derek Jeter continues to stay hot picking up another 2 hits and raising his average to .335. His average for the month of August is .381. Talk about being en fuego. Jeter has to be the Player of the Month, right? Mark Teixeira picked up 4 RBI today and had the big 3-run HR that broke the game open in the 7th. The 4 RBI give him 101 for the year, which is best in the AL by 5. Teixeira and Jeter should each get some serious consideration for the MVP award. They're both very deserving.

The Yanks are 6 games up on the Red Sox. The Yanks are off to Baltimore while the Red Sox are headed to Tampa Bay. The Yanks play their next 7 games on the road, 3 with the Orioles and 4 withe the Blue Jays. The Red Sox also play their next 7 on the road, 3 with the Rays and 4 with the White Sox. It's a good time for the Yanks to put a little more of a cushion in between them and the Sox. Even if they just maintain their 6 game lead, they'll be 6 up with 25 to play. Not a bad place to be. Andy Pettitte starts the road trip off tomorrow. He's been pretty darn good this year in the 2nd half and he's done better on the road than at home. His ERA is over a full point lower on the road, 3.58 (away) to 4.65 (home). AP is rocking a 2.84 ERA in August and it's 2.79 since the ASB. That's pretty good. Let's hope he kicks the roadie off right and does what we expect him to do and that's pitch a beauty.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Swanny said...

100 wins? 18 more in 32 games? Theyve been on fire, I definitely think its possible.