Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yanks Back On Track With 8-4 Win Vs Jays, Bring On Boston

After losing 3 straight to the White Sox, the Yankees have now won 3 straight. I was skeptical about their chances to win yesterday with Sergio Mitre starting. He pulled a Sidney Ponson and allowed a lot of baserunner (8 hits and 2 walks in 4.1 innings) but somehow didn't let many score. Ponson may have won a few ball games but allowing all of those baserunners eventually caught up to him and he was sent packing. I wouldn't have a problem if they bounced Mitre. He's just not very good. I don't know how kept the team in the game yesterday, but he did, so more power to him. Unfortunately for the Yankees, there aren't really any other options right now. The trade deadline has passed and now they can only get someone via trade if the guy makes it to them via the waiver process. I think they could probably skate by with Mitre, but I'd prefer they don't. I don't advocate moving Hughes back to the rotation. He needs to stay where he is. The only other option that comes to mind is to work Alfredo Aceves into that spot. Ace has done it before. I wouldn't mind seeing them stretch him out and give him the 5th spot. He's a better option than Mitre.

Aceves though may be tough to replace in the pen. He's doing well as the 3rd set-up guy behind Hughes and Coke, and he does very well if he comes in when the team is trailing by a run or two and the team needs to keep it close for a few innings. Case in point would be last night's game. Mitre left on the losing end of things. Aceves kept it a 1-run game and then the Yanks offense opened it up. If Aceves goes to the rotation, the Yankees will create a void in the middle innings. I don't like any other RPs to come on and keep it close. I don't think putting Mitre in the spot would work out either. It may be easier for Cashman to find a solid middle-RP than a solid starter. I hope they're at least thinking about sliding Aceves into the rotation. It makes sense to me.

The offense is on a nice little run here in August. Damon is hitting 400 with 2 HR and 5 RBI in 3 games played. Despite going 0-4 yesterday, A-Rod is hitting .375 this month. Alex just needs to throw in an A-bomb or two as he's homerless since July 19th. Nick Swisher has had 2 straight multi-hit games, including homers in 2 of his last 4 games. Teixeira is batting .353 this month with an OPS of 1.009. Cano is hitting .313 in August. I could go on but I'm sure you see my point. I know it's a small sample size, but I'm still encouraged by it.

An important series with the Red Sox kicks off tonight. I'm still hoping the game will be televised in my area because it's on My9. I know it's on the MLB Network but I'm guessing it will be blacked out. I'm hoping it shows up on the Retro TV network. I've got an e-mail into them to see if they still hold the rights to the games. My fingers are crossed. I really want to see the "welcome" that the Bronx crowd gives to David Ortiz, aka Big Pa-P.E.D. Hat tip to BaldVinny for that nickname. Classic. The series opener has a hot Joba is going up against an old Smoltz. Joba has been awesome in his 3 starts since the ASB. The Sox have owned the Yanks this year, winning all 8 games. I'm still baffled how the Yanks are winless in their 8 games against the Red Sox but still hold a 1.5 game lead on them. It'll be nice to take this series and put a few games between us. There's no excuses for losing this time. The Yanks are healthy. Our top 4 SPs are going. I don't foresee a Sox sweep this time around. Bring it on!

Peace, love and Pinstripes,