Monday, August 17, 2009

Yanks Split Final 2 Games In Seattle

Greetings. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I don't know about where you are but it was hot in my neck of woods. I wish we had central air.

I caught very little of the Yankee games on Saturday and Sunday/ I saw the last inning or so Saturday and same story Sunday. I spent most of Saturday night trying to get my little one to sleep. He took an extra long time to eat and fall asleep. By the time that was all said and done it was a little after midnight. So I got to catch the tail end of the Saturday night win. Mitre surprisingly got the win and the Yankees are surprisingly 4-2 in games Mitre has started. Mitre again lived on the edge, allowing too many baserunners for my liking. It looks like he can thank David Robertson for saving his bacon. Two big Ks with the bases juiced. Nicely done D-Rob. I suppose this has bought Mitre a little more time in the Yankees rotation. I'm actually starting to think he'll be a permanent fixture the rest of the way. There just aren't a lot of options out there and the Yanks are in pretty good shape when it comes to the standings. So unless Mitre's arm falls off, I think he's here to stay. Yippee, he says sarcastically.

It looks like yesterday was a run-of-the-mill start for Joba. It's amazing that more than half his starts have been no-decisions. The Yankees do surprisingly well when Joba starts, winning 16 of the 23 games. I don't really know what to make of that. Joba definitely benefits from a lot of run support. The Yanks have scored 71 runs in his last 10 starts. The more I think about it, the more I'm puzzled about Joba's numbers. 8-3 with a 3.98 ERA is pretty good on the surface. But I don't think of Joba as that good a pitcher. sure the potential to dominate is there. But so is the potential to last only 5 innings. I'm not a big believer in the "quality start" stat. i think it makes pitchers look better than they really are because in my opinion, pitching to the tune of a 4.50 ERA isn't good. Joba has again made 23 starts this year and only 11 of them would be considered a quality start. But again, I think it's a bogus measure of a pitcher's effectiveness. CC Sabathia has only made 13 starts that would be considered a quality start. Umm, I totally forget where I was going with this. I guess when it comes to Joba, I'm never sure what to expect. He can be really good. He can be really bad. He can be really average. Too me, that makes him average. It's puzzling. To me anyways.

When I turned the game on yesterday it was 4-3 Mariners in the bottom of the 6th. In the blink of an eye the wheels fell off and it was 9-3. Aceves had a rough outing and he certainly wasn't helped out at all by Chad Gaudin, who came in and promptly allowed 3 straight hits which scored 4 runs. And so ended the Yankee winning streak.

Speaking of streaks, I was a little perturbed at Joe Girardi when he brought Cano in to pinch hit in the 7th. Don't get me wrong, bringing in Cano to pinch-hit was a good move. Luckily he got a hit because it would have been a crappy way to lose a hitting streak by only getting one AB. I know it the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter and it's not really that big of a deal. I don't even know why I was a little perturbed by it. Thankfully, Cano blooped in a single and the streak continues. Robbie is a natural-born hitter. He could definitely make a run at Joe D's hit streak at some point in his career.

The late night west coast streak continues tonight with 3 games in Oakland. As of now, I have no plans whatsoever to stay up for these games. I'm exhausted. I went to bed last night before 9:30 and was out before my head hit the pillow. I'm the type of person that needs sleep and lately i haven't been getting it due to a myriad of factors. I need to be better about it and not sacrificing my health and well-being to watch baseball. I say this now and tomorrow I'll be blogging about staying up for the whole thing. We'll see......

Peace, love and Pinstripes,