Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yanks Escape Oakland With 3-2 Win

For some odd reason I stayed up and watched the entire Yankees/A's game. I think it was because it was such a close game and there were a lot of big spots that came up that the Yankees wiggled their way out of.

Chad Gaudin pitched very well. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't good enough as he fell 2 outs short of going 5 innings, the minimum to be eligible for the win. Alfredo Aceves came up in a huge spot (bases loaded, 1 out) and came up big by getting Kurt Suzuki to ground into an inning-ending 1-2-3 DP. Aceves got into a bit of a jam (bases loaded, 2 outs) and was bailed out by Phil Coke. Phil Hughes got into a pickle in the 8th by allowing the 1st 2 hitters to reach base but got a big DP and a fly out to get out of it. That was some high drama right there. There was no drama in the 9th when Mariano came in for a classic 3 up 3 down save. I'm becoming increasingly confident about the Yankees bullpen and their ability to preserve leads late in games. It's almost feeling like it's an automatic win if the Yankees take a lead into the 7th. Aceves though has been struggling a little bit lately. Ace's ERA has jumped up 1.29 points over his last 7 outings with his last 2 outings having a big imapct. Ace has given up 6 ER on 8 hits in his last 2 outings (4 IP). He's thrown 15 IP in his last 7 games and has given up 13 ER (7.80 ERA) and 18 hits. It's a little misleading because he did have some good outings mixed in there. I'm not close to writing off Ace. He's done a great job this season. I still think they should have worked him back into the rotation but I'm pretty sure there are no longer plans to do that.

It wasn't a great day for the offense. 6 hits. The bottom 6 in the order went a combined 1 for 20 with a walk and 7 Ks. Jeter remained hot picking up another 2 hits, making that 5 multi-hit games in a row. Damon picked up 2 hits. Mark Teixeira knocked in all 3 Yankee runs. Tex's 31st HR ties him for the league lead and his 3 ribbies puts him at 89 on the year, 5 behind league leader, Justin Morneau. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Mark finishes the year winning two-thirds of the triple crown. What a great signing!

The Yanks now get a much deserved day off and then it's 3 in Boston. I'm really excited about this series and in the Yankees' chances to sweep. The pitching matchups definitely favor the Yanks. Pettitte vs. Brad Penny. A.J. vs. Junichi Tazawa. CC vs. Josh Beckett. This could be the weekend that for all intents and purposes wins us the East. It should be a good one. The Sunday night game should be epic.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Jason from The Heartland said...

I totally agree about the bullpen, J-Boogie. The unit has been excellent. Hughes has emerged as a tremendous set-up guy, Robertson has become more reliable, Coke has become death on lefties, Bruney has shown improvement after his post-injury struggles, and Mariano is Mariano.

Should the Yanks take 2 of 3 in Boston--and I think the first two games have pitching match-ups that strongly favor New York--they'll put a stranglehold on the division. Winning tomorrow night is key, to me. Come right out, bang Penny, get a good start from Pettite, and stick one right in their gut out of the chute.