Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yankees Put On An Offensive Clinic, Destroying The Red Sox 20-11

Tonight's 20-11 win over the Red Sox was extremely fun and extremely aggravating to watch. It was a blowout, but it very quickly could have become a close game. The Yankees' pitching staff was horrendous tonight. 12-1 becomes 12-4. 15-4 becomes 15-7. 20-7 becomes 20-11. Now, it was never really a close game. It was always pretty much well in hand. But there were a few times where the Sox were 1 swing away from making it a 4-5 run ballgame and there would have been plenty of time left to make it up the deficit. Pettitte was bad. Bruney was bad. Mitre was bad. It's a good thing that the offense was the best it's looked all season.

There wasn't anyhting the Red Sox pitchers could do to stop the Yankees tonight. They hammered Brad Penny. How is Brad Penny still pitching for the Red Sox? That's worked out pretty well for them, eh? Michael Bowden? Way to take one for the team. Have fun in Pawtucket. Someone tell me how Ramon Ramirez has an ERA of 2.67? It seems like every time I see him pitch he's getting knocked around. I guess it's just the Yankees that knock him around. The Yanks own Ramirez. His career line versus the Yanks: 9.1 IP, 15 H, 9 ER, 9 BB and 4 HR. That's brutal. As fun as it is to crack on the so-called "excellent" Sox pitching staff, the Yankees staff was almost as bad tonight.

20 runs on 23 hits. 15 for 25 with RISP. You read that right. 25 ABs with RISP. Everyone who played most of the game had at least 1 hit, 1 run, and 1 RBI. When does that ever happen? They put on a clinic tonight. Cano was the only one who didn't have at least 2 hits. A-Rod had an awesome night, going 4-4 with 3 singles and a triple. He missed a HR by inches, if that. He almost went yard twice. Matsui went yard twice and knocked in a career-high 7 RBI. Like A-Rod, he came real close to another HR. Jeter had another 3 hits. That's his 6th straight multi-hit game and the 4th time in 5 games he had 3 hits. It's been quite the roadie for the Captain. 19 for 35 (.543) with 8 RBI. It's tough to pick who had the best night. If you can't give the WWE Championship belt to the whole offense, I'd give it to Alex. He hit the ball really well all night. It was the best they've ever looked.

Holy crap. It's almost 1am. Why the heck am I still up? I know I had another thought but it's gone. Like the Red Sox pitching staff, I've got nothing. Burnett vs. Tazawa tomorrow on FOX. It's time to sweep the leg and dump these suckers in a body bag. The end is near. Man I'm tired.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,