Monday, July 16, 2007

Friggin' Best Buy

Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend. I had some things to attend to and take care of and I missed a lot of the TB series. It all started Thursday night when I decided it was time to upgrade my car's CD player. The unit I was using was from the late 90s and with the move to the iPod, I needed the ability to play those tunes without using a crappy FM Modulator. Besides, why spend $80 for an FM Modulator when I can spend a little more for an in-dash player. So I stopped into Best Buy, made my purchase and had it installed. They had "finished" the job and I was on my way. I didn't make it out of the parking lot as there was some extra noise (a little whining sound) that wasn't there before. It was only present when the engine was running. I parked the car, went back in, and they looked at it some more, but couldn't figure it out, so they asked that I schedule an appointment for Friday. No problem. I went home and tinkered with it some more and missed all but probably 10 pitches of the game.
I took it back to Best Buy Friday night and they looked at it for about an hour or so and then told me it was fixed. Again, I didn't make it out of the parking lot. The noise was still present. So i went back in, explained it to the dude, and he finally realized what I was talking about. He ran some line about needing to check something out mechanically. I didn't buy it. I thought he didn't know what he was talking about. So I went to another Best Buy, and I got their too late for them to work on it.
I got to watch most of Saturday's game as i had a family obligation to attend at the in-laws. I wanted to drop kick whoever it is at the YES Network that put up the stat that Wang hadn't given up a 1st inning run in his last 8 starts. It didn't take him long to quickly give up 3 first inning runs. But he settled down and was typical Wang. Abreu bailed the whole team out. It was a nice come from behind win.
So back to my car audio issue. I took the car to the 2nd Best Buy on Sunday morning, figuring they'd be done with it before game time. I got there at like 11:30 and they told me it'd be about 1.5 hours before they'd get to it. So much for making first pitch. I wandered around the mall, wasting about an hour or so, hoping that they'd call me and let me know they were done. I had a plan to watch the game at Jack Astor's if it really took that long. Luckily, it didn't. After I made my first loop around the mall, I went back into BB to see if at least my car was in the audio bay. It was. I had passed one of the audio guys in one of the aisles and he told me I was all set. It was about 12:45. Plenty of time to make it home. The car was done. Unfortunately, they couldn't fix the problem. He tried to run me a line that i needed a new power cable and some new RCA cables, total cost about 2 bills. Now I have no idea if it truly does but sorry, but my '98 Corolla with 141k miles on it doesn't deserve that much money thrown into it. I just don't see how I walked in with no noise and I leave with it. Doesn't make sense when the only thing different is the CD player. I haven't thought of my next move yet. The noise isn't that bad if you turn it up real loud, which I do anyway. But it's so annoying just knowing that it's there. Kind of like Kyle Farnsworth. He needs to go.
I'm not sure how much posting I'll get in over the next few weeks. I'm "in charge" at work as the two business managers are on vacation. There's also a family wedding I'm in this weekend. Then I'm on vacation so I can head down to Cooperstown for the inductions. This is my most favorite time of year.
Go Yankees!