Monday, July 30, 2007

John Travolta = Little Girl

I'm watching the replay of yesterday's HOF induction speeches on ESPN2. Am I the only one that noticed that John Travolta was crying like a little girl? It happens at the point in the speech where Cal breaks up while talking about his children. They cut to a shot of the Ripken clan and Travolta is sitting right behind them. John tries valiantly to hold back the tears, but you can see the exact moment when he breaks. Am I the only one who caught it? It's quite funny.
My Friday rundown of the Cooperstown trip will be posted shortly.
PS- My wife kindly pointed out that I cry like a little girl also, especially at Lifetime movies, specifically "Mom At Fifteen." She thought I should share, so there it is. Yeah, I cry at sappy movies. Wanna fight about it? Just kidding. At least I didn't do it on national TV. Now don't get me wrong, it was a very emotional part of Cal's speech and I can see it happening from his family, but Travolta's reaction is priceless. I didn't expect that from Vinny Vega.
PSPS- That AT&T commercial with Roger Clemens and hsi wife could possibly be the funniest commercial I've ever seen. Well done AT&T.