Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yankees Overload

I've had quite the Yankees filled weekend since late Friday/early Saturday. It all kicked off with watching the replay of the Friday night game at 1 am. I mixed in a little sleep, woke up, watched the Old Timer's Day festivities. At the conclusion of that, I caught the first 2 innings of the Yankees game on Fox, and then listened to the rest of it on the XM Radio while I drove to nearby Batavia, NY to watch the Staten Island Yankees take on the Batavia Muckdogs. And now I'm watching the Yankees put the smackdown on the Angels in grand fashion. Nice way to end the first half of the season and head into the break, both for me and the Yankees.
It drove me absolutely bonkers listening to the game yesterday. Opportunity wasted to the tenth power. I could not believe how many chances these guys squandered and how poorly they played fundamentally. First off, 5 errors? ***? Second off, the lack of ability to move guys around the bases blows my mind. It was something they did so well the night before.
It started in the 7th with Abreu failing to move Posada over after his leadoff double. Dude, drop a bunt. Or maybe pull a grounder. It's as easy as that. But no. I think I'll strike out. Pathetic. It seemed like every time the Yankees had a chance to plate the go ahead run, the Angels pitchers either struck out the Yankee hitters or induced a DP. Abreu and Cano K in the 7th. Jeter's DP in the 11th. Posada's K in the 12th. Melky's K in the 13th. It was so frustrating to listen to. They had their chances to win. They just couldn't pull the trigger. It's been that kind of year.
Hopefully, the second half goes much, much better than the first. If things hold up today (knock on wood), we'll be 9 back in the loss column. The schedule Gods are giving the Yankees a break to start the second half. 8 games vs the D-Rays. 7 vs. the Jays. 7 vs. KC. 3 vs. Baltimore plus 1 suspended game. 3 vs. the White Sox. That's 29 games against teams that are below .500. If they want to make a move, this would be the time to do it. 9 games is a pretty big deficit, but definitely something they can overcome.