Monday, April 14, 2008

Bullpen Blows Win For Kennedy, Robbie Cano To The Rescue

Robbie Cano. It's about time. Now that's a way to break out of a slump. Cano bailed out an awful performance by the Yankees bullpen and gave the Yankees a hard fought victory in what should have been a cake walk. It figures that the one time they break out the lumber that the pitching would falter.

I was pretty shocked as I watched Traber and Bruney get smacked around the way they did. I still prefer them to the tandem of Farnsworth and Hawkins. But they were awful tonight. It really sucks that they blew the game for Ian Kennedy and that Bruney gets the win. Kennedy should have earned his first victory of the season tonight. If not for a line drive off the hip he probably would have. Kennedy looked good tonight. Real solid. It was definitely an encouraging performance. He wasn't what I would call dominant but he was pretty effective. 94 pitches, 60 for strikes and was ahead of most hitters. And that's what you want to see. If the pitcher can get ahead of the hitter it opens up a lot of options. I hate watching guys try to nibble around the strike zone. Attack the zone and you'll win your share of ball games. It was amazing how soon after he left the game the bullpen blew the lead. Horrible. I'll chalk it up to a one-off. It would have been nice to have had some Joba out there, but what can you do?

The Bronx Bombers were in the house tonight busting out for 8 runs on 15 hits, 4 of which left the yard. How nice was it to see some offense? I couldn't believe it in the 4th when Jeter and Damon had back to back hits with runners in scoring position. I don't think we've seen that all season. It was great to have Jeter back in the lineup. 2 for 5 with 2 RBI isn't a bad way to come back from a week off. We missed you Cap. I didn't notice any ill effects of his strained quad. The question is how will he feel tomorrow?

It was nice to see Alex rack up 4 hits. He talked in the post game about working on shortening up his swing. That's exactly what he needs to do. I keep saying quit trying to hit the 8-run HR. He shortens it up and picks up 4 hits in the process. I hope he keeps it up. The dingers will come naturally. No need to push for 'em.

Cano's pinch-hit HR was absolutely huge. That was a big knock and I hope it gets Robbie going. It definitely changed my mood. I went from being dejected by Bruney and Traber's performance to jumping around the room. Good thing the wife and son are in Atlanta visiting her sister. I would have woken him up for sure.

God bless Mariano Rivera. I was surprised Girardi went to him for a 4 out save. I thought for sure Albaladejo was going to finish the 8th. But why risk it? Mo hadn't pitched since Thursday so it's not like he had a tired arm. It was the top of the order too so I think it was definitely the right call. Girardi got lucky tonight. Cano's pinch hit HR bailed out his call to the bullpen. Girardi has had some bad luck with some of his moves. I'll give you a reprieve there Joe. It worked out.

It wasn't pretty tonight but a win is a win and i'll take it no matter how it happens. We're back to .500. Andy gets the ball tomorrow. A 2 game winning streak would make for a nice homecoming when the boys get home to take on Boston. I hate the Red Sox. Nice job there Joe Borowski. Way to go. Speaking of the Sox, it's funny how the Yankees dig up Papi's jersey and then he breaks out of his slump. Odd coincidence wouldn't you say?