Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Morning Manager

I'm still utterly confused why Joe Girardi and his crew elected to pitch to Joe Crede in the 9th inning last night. The winning run was on 2nd. There was 1 out and first base was open. Isn't that a no-brainer? I'm sure it's covered in "The Idiots Guide To Being An MLB Manager." Isn't the correct play to walk the hitter to set up the double play? I know Joba has the stuff to get any hitter out, but wouldn't you still issue the free pass and let him go after the next guy? Again, no brainer.

It really burns me because Joe Crede is leading the league in RBI. He's no slouch. The next guy in the White Sox lineup, Alexei Ramirez, is a slouch. He's hitting .167 for crying out loud. Granted the Sox may have gone with a pinch hitter but still, you have to walk Crede in that situation. Inexcusable.

I guess Joe Girardi doesn't like walking hitters. First Manny, now Crede. So far in my opinion a lot of Girardi's moves have backfired. I know it happens, but his success rate with these calls leaves a lot to be desired.



Michael Norton said...

I'm not sure how impressed I've ever been with Girardi managerial skills. He got credit in Florida, but look where Florida is now, with an even more rag tag group. There's something about Florida that just seems to work.

We'll see...

Michael Norton - Some Clubhouse