Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let's Get It Started

I'm looking at the pregame notes for tonight's matchup between the Yanks and Royals and on paper the Yankees should be able to get to Royals starter John Bale. Should being the key word. Bale made 4 relief appearances against the Yankees last season and the boys fared pretty well against him. They had 10 hits and 7 walks against him in 9.2 innings. He did strike out 11 which doesn't bode well for the Bombers as they've had trouble hitting the ball this season. In Bale's last outing against the Yankees he allowed 1 run on 2 hits in 3.2 innings of work, while striking out 7.

Here are their career numbers vs. Bale:

Abreu: 1-3
Betemit: 1-3
Melky: 0-3 w/ 1 RBI
Cano: 2-3 w/ 1 RBI
Damon: 1-7
Ensberg: 1-2
Giambi: 1-2
Matsui: 1-3 w/ 1 RBI
A-Rod: 1-2

The numbers aren't too bad but it means absolutely nothing. Baseball isn't played on paper. I'm just bored at work and thought I'd share some stats. The Yankees really need to bust out of this funk and hopefully tonight is the night. It would be nice to go into Boston with a win as opposed to a 3-game losing streak.