Monday, April 14, 2008

Roster Changes And Tonight's Lineup

According to Pete Abraham's blog, the Yankees have made a few minor roster changes:

  • The captain is back in the lineup. Question is how healthy is he? I'll take Jeter at 80%. Jeter at 80% is much better than a lot of other options.
  • Wilson Betemit has been placed on the DL with pink eye. I wonder if someone farted on his pillow? Sounds like a bogus injury to make space for Alberto Gonzalez who is running circles around WB. Alberto is getting the start at 2B, something which I suggested yesterday. We really don't need Betemit. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets bounced before too long.
  • Joba has been placed on the bereavement list while he's in Nebraska with his dad. Jonathan Albaladejo is being recalled from the minors to take Joba's place.

Here's the lineup for tonight's game. No Cano and no Gaimbi. I think a day off will do them good.

  • Damon LF
  • Jeter SS
  • Abreu RF
  • Rodriguez 3B
  • Matsui DH
  • Ensberg 1B
  • Cabrera CF
  • Moeller C
  • Gonzalez 2B
  • Kennedy RHP

Peace, love and Pinstripes,