Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh Sox Fans. You So Silly.

After logging out of my Hotmail account I was redirected to the homepage. A title of an article caught my eye: Yankee Stadium Curse? Sox Shirt May Do It. In short, a Red Sox fan who was doing some construction on the new Yankee Stadium buried a Red Sox t-shirt under what will soon be the visiting team's clubhouse in an attempt to put a curse on the Yankees. Funny, yes. A curse on the Yankees? Mmm, don't think so. I'm inclined to think that this act is the kind of thing that would work against the Red Sox. This can be spun either way and it's obvious that beliefs will be drawn staright down what side of the fence you sit on.

Yankees spokesperson Howard Rubernstein summed things up rather nicely: "It sounds like a tall tale, and it would take more than a Red Sox T-shirt to put a curse on the Yankees." Well put.

Time will of course tell. Don't forget to scorll down to see my breakdown on the upccoming series pitching matchups.

Peace, love and Pinstripes.