Friday, April 11, 2008

Jeter To Sit Out Sox Series

According to Pete Abraham's blog, the Yankees will be likely be without the services of Derek Jeter for the entire Boston series. I agree with Pete that given the weather forecast it's a smart move. It's better to have him sit and get better than to play and risk further injury. Cold weather isn't exactly conducive to bettering one's health during physical activity. They're smart to wait for the friendlier, climate-controlled confines of Tampa Bay.

This puts the Yankees at a disadvantage right out of the gate. The Yankees offense is already struggling and losing arguably the best hitter on the team makes it that much worse. Alberto Gonzalez may be a slight defensive upgrade but the difference between the two at the plate is larger than the Grand Canyon. And everyone knows Jeter brings more to the game than offense and defense. Losing that could be detrimental. Thankfully it's early. Every game counts but it's better that this happened in April than in September.

If you haven't yet, don't forget to check out the breakdown on the pitching matchups by scrolling down a few entries.



Steve said...

Hey J,

Nice to find you here. I see you're moving on from the ever-restrictive MLBlogs. I've changed the link to your site on my blog to direct to here.

Cashman called in via cell phone to WEEI in his car (no fancy jet for him, I guess) and mentioned that Jeter will miss the whole series. Hey, at least he won't get plunked like he usually does when he comes to Fenway.

Good pitching matchups, but I'll take the 2008 Dice-K over last year's model anytime. He looks pretty sharp so far.