Friday, April 25, 2008

Starting Pitching Again Dooms Yankees

Andy Pettitte was bad tonight. No trying to sugar coat it. He just didn't have it. He's the guy who you can count on to throw at least 6 innings. Tonight he barely made it through 5. The Yankees bullpen needed the night off and Pettitte failed to deliver. With Ian Kennedy pitching tomorrow and no off day in sight, it could be a rough stretch for the Yankees bullpen. They got burned yesterday by the rain delay. They got burned today by Pettitte's ineffectiveness. I shudder to think what could happen tomorrow if Kennedy doesn't throw deep into the game. If he throws strikes he'll be OK. The bullpen is in shambles right about now. Bruney is done for the year. Farnsworth and Hawkins are terrible. Traber is unproven. We now have two AAAers up to help out in Albaladejo and Britton. Job is eventually headed for the rotation. And Mo is now and will always be Mo. No worries there. But worries pretty much everywhere else.

The offense tonight was brought to you courtesy of Jason Giambi. He had a pretty good swing tonight. He absolutely crushed his first homer. That was a shot. Rumor is that Shelley Duncan is on his way back. If Giambi wants his playing time he needs to keep swinging the bat like that. Outside of that there wasn't much doing. Jeter has been abysmal since the team left Baltimore. Cano continues to stink up the joint. The offense needs to pick up the pitching staff. As a unit tonight they were awful. Giambi and Matsui. That was pretty much it. They're very lucky they don't run into Carmona and Cliff Lee this series.

I'm probably going to miss tomorrow's game unless I DVR it, which I'll probably do. I have traffic school from 9-4 and a 2 year old's birthday party from 4-???. I got nabbed by the fuzz doing 43 in a 15. School zone. Lucky for me the cop was nice enough to leave the word "school" off the ticket. It got knocked down and I have to go to class and pay a $25 fine. Not bad all things considered. I'm not looking forward to the class. But that's what you get when you're a lead foot like me.

Enjoy your night/day. Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Dave said...

Why is Ian so afraid of throwing strikes?

He looks like a whimp out there. Yeah, I said it. He looks scared...


I am guessing 3 1/3 today.. I will be shocked if he makes it 5..