Sunday, September 28, 2008

162 Are In The Books

That possibly was one of the most boring games I had ever seen. It felt like a spring training game but about 10 times worse. I didn't really even pay attention to most of it. With the loss, the Yanks finish the season with a record of 89-73. 90 wins would have been nice, but when you finish in 3rd place and miss the playoffs, does it really matter? The crazy thing is that the Yanks finished the season with the 4th best record in the American League, and they tied for the 7th best record in all of baseball. Considering how poorly they played for much of the latter part of the season and all of the injuries and shortcomings, finishing with that record isn't so bad. Respectable, but missing the playoffs means the season was a failure. Mission 27 will have to wait until next year.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog during the season. I appreciate you guys checking it out. Thanks. I've got a few posts planned for the coming days and you know that the Yankees offseason is going to be chock full of developments so there should plenty of posting here between now and when spring training begins in February. It's going to be one interesting offseason.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,


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Absolutely right. There will be plenty to blog about over the next few months. As I just wrote on my blog, there is ALWAYS a story when you're talking about the Yankees, even in the dead of winter. So keep up the great work!