Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yanks Are Only A Half Game Out......OF Third Place

It's hard to get excited to write these posts now that the season is pretty much over. That being said, there are still some interesting things to talk about.

Congrats to Derek Jeter for tying Lou Gehrig's all-time Yankee Stadium hit record. He entered the weekend needing 9 hits in 10 games to tie The Iron Horse. I never thought he'd pick up those 9 hits in the 1st 3 games. Talk about a guy being locked in and in the zone. The Captain went 9 for 11 in these 3 games against the Rays, raising his average 10 points to .306. Wow. I was kind of hoping he'd wait until this Saturday to tie/break the record because I'll be in attendance, but I'm not complaining. 9 hits in 10 games isn't a guarantee. When you're name is Derek Jeter, 1 hit in 7 games pretty much is a guarantee. Congrats. It's a record that no one will ever break.

I knew as soon as Cody Ransom was moved to second base that Girardi pulled Cano because he didn't run after the grounder that deflected off Giambi's glove and rolled past him into the OF. That was such a lazy play. As I'm sitting there watching the game, I'm yelling at the TV wondering why Cano is just standing there. Clearly he's checked out already. He's been a huge disappointment this year. I can't help but blame Girardi a little. He should have found a way to get through to Cano a long time ago about his lazy play. His failure to reach Robbie is one of the main reasons Robbie has had a down year. Girardi should have known before the year ever started that Cano needed a little hand holding. Isn't one of Joe's jobs to know his players and to now how to manage him. The book on Cano is that he's lazy. Everyone knows this. Why did it take so long to show Robbie some form of discipline? This should have been done a long time ago. Had it, maybe the Yankees would still be in the hunt for the playoffs? Hopefully, Girardi learns from this.

Is anyone surprised that Carl Pavano left the game with an injury? Thank God his contract his up. He's got at most 2 starts left and then we should be rid of CP. That will be a happy day for Yankees fans everywhere.

Wow, there are only 7 games left at The Stadium. I don't think it's hit me yet. It probably will this Saturday when I make my final visit. She's been a good friend. It will be sad to see her go. If you want to get your hands on some memories of her, you should really enter the contest I'm running to win a copy of the Essential Games Of Yankee Stadium DVD Box Set. How can you go wrong with having 6 Yankee Stadium classics on DVD? As of right now the odds to win are 1 in 4 as only 4 people have entered the 2nd of 5 contests. If you want more info, just scroll down.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Marisol said...

I agree that its really hard to keep posting since the season is over at this point. But thats where my wonderful sense of humor comes in handy! Now I just make fun of players even more for lack of material.

J-Boogie said...

Your posts are pretty funny. I see Pete Abe showed you some love today. Nice.