Saturday, September 6, 2008

Morrow's Gem Puts Yanks One Step Closer To Death

If there are any Yankee fans out there that are still holding onto some shred of hope that the Yankees can still make the postseason, stop kidding yourselves. The team has literally no chance. I know they're still "mathematically alive", but after watching tonight's game against Seattle, it should be evident to everyone that this team doesn't have what it takes to win the rest of their ball games, which is pretty much what it's going to take to win the wild card. Boston is now on pace for 96 wins. The Yanks have 75 wins with 21 games to go. 75+21=96, which means there is absolutely no room for error. Boston's schedule does get a little tougher starting Monday and I don't expect them to finish with 96 wins. I'm still thinking they'll finish with 94 wins and that would mean they go 500 the rest of the way, which is possible but unlikely. If the Sox go 500 over the final 22, the Yanks have to win 19 of 21. Yeah, that's not going to happen. I know the season is over. But, I'm waiting until the loss total hits 69 before I officially pronounce them dead. Stranger things have happened.

Not much you can do tonight except tip your cap to Mariners' starter Brandon Morrow. I said to myself after the 5th inning that he was going to toss a no-no. I was pretty shocked that Wilson Betemit broke it up. Didn't see that coming. All the credit for keeping the offense down definitely goes to Morrow. He was on. Not much anybody could have done against him. I do wonder though how much of a factor the cross country trip after a night game had to do with the Yankees' lackluster night at the dish?

Andy Pettitte pitched well, better than he has recently, but it wasn't good enough. He just flat out got out-pitched. I hope Andy ends the year on a high and can pitch this well in his final 4 starts. I'd like to see him end up with a winning record. That's pretty much one of the few things I'm rooting for. Pettitte to finish above 500. Moose to win 20. Jeter to become Yankee Stadium's all time hit leader. I guess, A-Rod hitting 40 HRs and picking up 100 RBI. Spoiling Boston's chances at winning the division, and hopefully, the wild card. Oh, and most importantly, finishing ahead of Toronto. The Yanks are a 1/2 game away from being in 4th place. Yikes. So there are still soem things to root for. If I left anything out, let me know.

Sidney Ponson starts tomorrow in what I hope is his final game as a Yankee. He, like Rasner, is another guy that just shouldn't be getting the ball in a playoff race. Seattle doesn't exactly have a great offense, so if he totally blows tomorrow, which I think he will, he definitely needs to have his spot yanked.

Another late game tomorrow. Yuck.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Dave said...

Once they lost to the Mariners, they were done..


I am now so happy I didn't spend money to go and watch this train wreck of a team this year.