Monday, September 15, 2008

Yanks Pull Even With Jays For 3rd Place Supremacy In AL East

So this is what the Yankees' season comes down to. Playing the role of the spoiler. The only series remaining that really has no value is this weekend's series against the Orioles. They just finished taking 2 of the 3 from the division leading Rays. They won game 1 of the series against the Central leading White Sox. The series against the Jays will likely decide who finishes 3rd. And the finale against the Sox could determine who knows what? Not exactly the role I envisioned this team playing so late in the season, but it's kind of fun to watch. At least they're games still have some kind of meaning.

I know 2 starts does not a career make, but how nice would it have been to see Alfredo Aceves start a few more games this year? The kid looked real sharp again. Who knows what could have been? I think it's safe to say that 100% of Yankees fans would have preferred him pitching over Rasner. Too bad they didn't start him sooner. The Yankees were 5-12 in Rasner's final 17 games. Rasner won 2 games since May 21st. Ah, what could have been? Hopefully this is a sign of what's to come. Just don't end up like Kennedy or Rasner.

Phil Coke. Again awesome. If only the other Phil pitched this well. Hughes will get that shot this Wednesday. I've got my fingers crossed that he has a decent outing. I'm encouraged by his final outings in AAA. Hopefully, another sign of what's to come.

No hits for Jeter so he's stuck at 1269, still tied with the Iron Horse. As nice as it would be to see him break the record in person on Saturday, I don't want to see him go hitless in his next 4 games. Get it over and done with while there's plenty of time. Something tells me if he were to somehow go hitless until the Stadium finale that he'd bust out in a big way that night. That would add a whole other element to the finale. But again, I hope it doesn't go that long. I'll be shocked if it does.

Mariano is arguably having the best year of his career. He has the lowest WHIP of his career at 0.69, the lowest batting average against of his career at .170. His 1.52 ERA is the 2nd lowest ERA of his career, 2005 was 1.38. His 12.17 strikeout to walk ratio blows away his previous best, which was 6.92 in 2001. He's averaging 10.21 Ks per 9 innings. His previous best was 10.87 which was way back in 1996. And finally he's 36 for 37 in save opportunities, a 97.30% save percentage. His highest save percentage coming into this year was 93%, which he did back in 2004 when he saved 53 games in 57 opportunities. All this and he's 39 years old. Hopefully, another sign of what's to come in the new ballpark. And congrats to Mo for notching career save #479, which puts him 2nd on the all-time career saves list, 73 behind Trevor Hoffman. Mo is arguably the best closer ever. For my money he is. Hands down.

6 more games to go. The end is drawing near. If only they weren't in 3rd place.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Jason said...

It is what this comes down to, but so be it. We can't complain much about it since such years have been few and far between. if only this team had played with such heart and comportment earlier. Honestly, I'll miss the Yanks this year like I always do, win or lose in October. Baseball is baseball, and getting to watch and root for the Yanks is a privilege that I love year round.

Jeter will get the hit tomorrow. BTW, Heartland Digital Living Room for every home game at The Heartland.

Rasner is probably done as a Yankee, too bad considering he had to fill in for a staff in tatters. Coke really impresses me, and I'd love to see him and Marte come blazing out of the bullpen next year. He has a good, 3/4 delivery with lots of gas and a deceptive slider. I agree, Aceves has been very good. I like his fearlessness.

To end on a good note, there's no one like Mariano, no one ever in the history of the game. On seven pitches, all of which were overpowering, Mariano passed Lee Smith for second on the all-time saves list with 479. 479! I agree J-Boogie, Mariano is on top of his game this year, just tremendous. What more can we say about the guy? I don't think it's arguable at all. There have been other greats, including the terrific Goose who finally got inducted into the Hall of fame this year, long overdue. But Mariano is hands-down the best in my mind. I can't be convinced otherwise. I've seen him dominate too much, escape the most impossible scenarios too often, use that cutter to embarrass too many opponents, to possibly think otherwise. It's Mariano and everyone else, which is saying a lot considering Gossage, Fingers, Sutter, and others. Mariano stands head and shoulder above all.

Leo said...

I don't know if anyone has cared to noticr but the Rays are 4-12 entering todays matchup with Beckett. If they mirror that record for the rest of the season they will end with 92 W's. They have 14 games left including a rain out game against Baltimore. Then again they can end up with 102 W's. It looks like the Yankees 1% chances are still alive.

J-Boogie said...

Leo- i didn't know that but there's no chance the Yanks run the table. As nice as it is to know there's still a remote chance, the Yanks aren't going 12-0 and the Rays or Sox aren't going 4-10 or 3-9. But I'll keep my fingers crossed. Ya never know.

Jason - Mo is definitely the best there is, was, and will ever be. It'll be nice if he can someday pass Hoffman on the saves list but that might be a stretch. said...

Amazing that the Pirates threw Phil Coke back to us in that trade for Marte and Nady because they were worried about arm trouble. Hope they're wrong. Sure looks like it so far.

Marisol said...

I say Jetes gets the hit tonight.

Phil Coke has been awesome. I would love to see him as a starter next season.