Monday, September 15, 2008

Contest #2 Entry Period Is Closed

Alfredo Aceves just threw his first pitch and with that the ability to enter the second DVD giveaway contest is gone. But fear not, there are 3 more contests yet to come, and you can enter at any time. The second contest has only 6 total entries (Sean, Gene, Dan, Dave, Tom and Joe) which is surprising since a couple hundred people have checked out the blog since I mentioned the contest last week. For those with short-term memory, I'm giving away 5 copies of the soon-to-be released Essential Games Of Yankee Stadium DVD Box Set, one during each of the remaining Yankees series this year. All one has to do to enter was send me an e-mail with an answer to a question. Pretty simple. You'll find more details about entering for the other 3 giveaways further down this post. So good luck to the 6 that entered. 1 in 6 chance of winning. Not bad.

The question for the second giveaway was: How many total strikeouts will the Yankee pitchers have in their 4 games against the White Sox? Here are the guesses:

  • Joe = 23
  • Tom = 23
  • Dan = 25
  • Sean = 25
  • Dave = 26
  • Gene = 31

In the event it ends up being 23 or 25, the tie will be broken by a random drawing. 22 or less and nobody wins.

If anyone is interested in entering for a chance to win one of the 3 remaining DVD sets, here are the remaining questions and details on how to enter:

  1. How many total extra base hits, walks and stolen bases will the Yankees have in their 3 games against the Orioles?
  2. What will be the total combined attendance for their 3 game series in Toronto? (attendance figure will be taken from the box score)
  3. What will the Yankees team batting average be for their 3 game series against Boston?
  • E-mail your guess to me at the e-mail address listed in the upper left under "contact me"
  • 1 guess per person
  • Leave a comment to let me know that you submitted your guess along with your name (first name and initial)
  • Make sure to put your name in the comment if you're posting it as an anonymous user, so I know who is who and can match them up with your e-mail
  • There is no need to leave the guess in the comments--this will negate the "price is right" strategy
  • The deadline to submit a guess for the 3rd giveaway is Friday at 7:05 pm EST, which is when the 1st game of the Yankees/Orioles series starts . So get your guesses in before then and you're good.
  • You can submit a guess for all remaining questions at once

Answers will be in the form of a number. The person that guesses the correct "answer" for the corresponding questions, or comes closest to the correct answer without going over will win. Any ties will be broken by random drawing of all those who are correct or tied for closest to without going over. You can only win once, so if you win the DVD for the 3rd series, you won't be eligible for any of the remaining giveaways. Win the 4th giveaway and you can't win for the 5th, and so on.

Good luck.