Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stick A Fork In The Yanks, They're Done

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You can stick a fork in the 2008 Yankees. They're done, and by that I mean their chances for the postseason are officially over. The winner of the AL wild card is going to finish with at least 94 wins. That's my prediction based on each team's current record and remaining schedule. The Yankees have 77 wins with 16 games remaining. Not that the Yankees could win 16 in a row, but 77+16=93. 93<94. Best case scenario, which is a huge stretch, they finish 1 game out. The only unanswered question is whether or not I'm right in my assertion that the wild card team ends up with 94 or more wins. We'll have to see.

The Yankees were their typical selves today, racking up only 2 runs and 3 hits against a lower-level pitcher. Dustin Moseley entered the game today with a WHIP of 1.92, an opponents batting average against of .351, and an ERA of 7.90. But watching (or listening to) him pitch against the Yankees, you'd think he were Cy Young. The highly-talented Yankee offense managed 3 hits and 2 runs of him. They are absolutely pathetic. And the worst part of all, was watching Hideki Matsui stand there with the bat on his shoulder watching strike 3 go by to end the game. I believe my exact words after watching that were "What a douche!" How can you sit there and not swing at that pitch considering where the team's playoff chances hang in the balance? You know every game counts and you can't afford to lose. Swing the frickin' bat.

Andy Pettitte is reportedly interested in pitching for the Yankees next year. Thanks, but no thanks. It's becoming painfully obvious that Andy is no longer the Andy we all know and love. Bringing Andy back next year would be a bad move. The Yankees FO should easily be able to find a starter that rivals if not exceeds Andy as a pitcher for the same amount of money that Pettitte would command, if not less. And Andy hasn't exactly been great this season. He's had his moments, but it's evident that on the whole, this was a bad year for AP. Andy is widely known as a second-half pitcher, meaning he pitches much better after the All-Star break. According to my research department, aka Pete Abe's blog because he posted it before I put the numbers together, Andy's line over his last 9 starts: 54 innings, 74 hits, 39 earned runs, 18 walks, 45 strikeouts, 4 home runs, an ERA of 6.50. He's 1-6 with 2 no decisions (both Yankee losses) in those 9 games. Not exactly the 2nd half we were hoping for. I don't see him improving drastically next year. I'd expect more of the same. They can get that for much less money. As far as I'm concerned, they should have one veteran arm on the staff and that's Mike Mussina. Sure I'm a little biased to Moose, being in his fan club and all, but he's been the staff ace this year. He's earned it. And you'd have to think he'd come at a lower cost than Andy would. Bring back Moose!

The greatest part about the Pettitte story, is that Joe Girardi thinks it's a good idea. According to Pete Abe's story, Girardi thinks AP would be an integral part of the rotation in 2009, stating "Absolutely I think he can be effective. The second half he's had some tough losses. He's thrown some really good games, too. It's been a decent season. Maybe not the wins we're accustomed to seeing. But he's given innings and he's done his job for the most part." Are Joe and I watching the same games? Since the All-star break Andy has lost 6 games. In 3 of those losses he failed to record an out in the 6th inning. In 4 of his losses he's allowed 5 or more runs. His losses were by scores of 12-6, 8-6, 7-3, 6-2, 3-1, and 4-2. Girardi made this comment before today's game. The only loss that I would classify as tough was the 3-1 loss to Seattle. He deserved to lose the other 4. I do agree that he has thrown some good games, but for the most part, they weren't exactly against tough teams. I'm starting to really dislike Girardi. I don't think he has the testicular fortitude that's needed to run this team. He has a warped view of things and doesn't seem to ever want to say anything negative about people. I was a huge fan of his hiring. Now, not so much.

So now that the season's over, what's left to root for? Here's what I've got my eye on: Moose winning 20. A-Rod winning the AL HR title. Jeter picking up enough hits at home to become Yankee Stadium's all-time hit leader. Finishing in 3rd place. Playing the role of spoiler. If there's anything not on my list that I should be rooting for, let me know. And if you want to make the remaining games a little more interesting, you should check out the contest for the Yankee DVDs. There are 5 in total and each is tied to 1 of the 5 remaining series. The 1st contest is to guess the total number of runs and hits and Yankees will have in the 3 game series against Tampa Bay. Check out the post for my details.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,