Friday, September 26, 2008

Contest #5 Entry Period Is Closed

I've been a little busy today and haven't had time to write something about my trip to see the Yanks play in Toronto, but it's coming. Just wanted to hop on real quick and say tonight's game against the Red Sox has started which means the ability to enter the 5th and final contest has passed. For those with short-term memory, I'm giving away a copy of the Essential Games Of Yankee Stadium DVD Box Set.

The question for the final giveaway was: What will the Yankees team batting average be for their 3 game series against Boston? (If a game happens to get rained out, I'm just going to use their average for the games they end up playing, so long as it's not just one).

There are 2 people entered in this contest and their guesses are:

  • Gene = .245
  • Dan = .281

Thanks guys,and good luck!