Monday, September 29, 2008

Contest # 5 Winner

Congrats to Dan who is the winner of the final contest. Dan wins a copy of the Essential Games Of Yankee Stadium DVD Box Set. The question for this giveaway was: What will the Yankees team batting average be for their 3 game series against Boston? The team's AVG for the 3 game set was .336 (39 for 116; game 1=20-44, game 2=10-35, game 3=9-37). Dan had guessed .281 and ended up being closest to the actual total. Congrats again.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and special thanks again to Suzanne for hooking me up with 5 copies to give away. If anyone is interested in purchasing the box set or finding out more info about it, you can click this link.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Joe said...

Congrats on Mussina. But do me a favor, when his time comes for the Hall of Fame, and you state your case for him. Please don't say that he won 20, because it makes little difference. He was the same pitcher even if he only would have won 19 this season. :)

J-Boogie said...

Thanks Joe. I know how you feel about using wins to measure how good a pitcher is, and for the most part I agree with you. One of the knocks against Moose was that he never won 20. Now he has, and while having done so doesn't change the pitcher he is, it can no longer be used as an argument against him. I won't use it as a reason for enshrinement, but it does look good on his resume.