Friday, September 11, 2009

Derek Jeter Is The New Yankee Hit King

Ladies and gentleman, history was made today. Derek Jeter is the now the all-time Yankees hit leader. I feel very proud of Derek and I'm honored that I've been witness to his entire career. It's been special from the get-go and it's far from over. It was pretty cool to see his teammates leave the dugout to celebrate with him at first base. I was wondering what kind of "celebration" might go down. I don't think it could have gone any better. And the 2+ minute standing ovation was well-deserved. That could have gone on for hours. I especially liked the Der-ek Je-ter chants that broke out during A-Rod's at-bat. He'll never admit it, but you know Alex is very jealous of Derek. He'll never have what Derek has. That has to eat him up.

Within minutes of him passing Gehrig, I had an e-mail from the Yankees about Jeter breaking the record. George Steinbrenner released a statement. Steiner Sports sent an e-mail advertising their "Record Breaking Hit Collection." They're selling "Derek Jeter Hit Leader" t-shirts at the stadium. Kind of weird how quickly it all went down, but still cool. It's a Derek Jeter love-fest tonight. And it should be.

I'll admit it. I got a little misty eyed after the hit. It was a very special moment and I just couldn't help it. No tears, but I had that feeling inside that I was about to shed a few. It was a great moment.

Congrats Derek. You're the man.

Peace, love and #2,



Swanny said...

Allie boy was the first to get out there and give him a hug. Just sayin...

J-Boogie said...

I did catch that. I'm sure though that it has to bother him to some degree.