Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jays Beat Yanks 10-4 In A Throw Away Game

I would just like to again thanks the local TV stations here in Buffalo for not carrying the My9 games. I absolutely hate when the games aren't on here. Nothing beats watching Yankee baseball. According to the schedule there are 2 more My9 games. Of course they're 2 big games. One is with the Angels, the other the Red Sox. Yay Buffalo TV!

I blogged earlier that this would probably be a good game to miss because the Halladay/Mitre matchup was such a mismatch. Based on the score and their pitching lines, I'd say I was right. I would have been terribly frustrated as it looks like the Yankees had ample opportunity to score. If you asked me before the game to predict the Yankees run total on 15 hits and 3 walks, I'd probably guess around. They managed 4. What gives? They were 5 for 16 with RISP which isn't terrible so I'm assuming that they didn't get the hits when they really needed them. Regardless, they gave up 10 runs so it probably wouldn't have been enough anyway. I'm not too concerned about the runs they gave up as the chance that any of those pitchers (Mitre, Dunn, Melancon, and Ramirez) see action in the postseason is slim and none.

I got a text alert that I missed a bench clearing brawl between Posada and Jesse Carlson. I would have loved to have seen that. I was hoping to see some highlights of it but the MLB Network was showing the Giants/Rockies game so I didn't even check. I'm curious to see what that was all about.

The Red Sox won so the Yanks didn't get any closer to clinching the AL East. The Rangers are down 5 in the 8th and if that lead holds up the magic # to clinch a playoff spot drops to 6. Today was a throwaway game if you ask me. The loss is nothing to be concerned about. I am a little concerned about Andy Pettitte and his fatigued shoulder. The Yanks are going to skip his start and push him back to Monday. I'd feel a little better about this if we weren't so close to the finish line. The Yankee brain trust seems to think he'll be fine and I'm hoping they're right. Chad Gaudin will start in his place and will face Brian Tallet. It's a winnable game, even with Gaudin on the hill. He's probably going to need some run support. Fingers crossed they give it to him.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,