Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Posada's Suspension Propels Yanks To 5-4 Walkoff Win

Thank you Jorge Posothead. Your stupidity has paid off. If Posada wasn't serving a 3 game suspension, Francisco Cervelli wouldn't have been in the ballgame. If Cervelli wasn't in the ballgame, maybe the Yanks don't win this game. Who knows? What's done is done. It is what it is. And what it is, is a 5-4 Yankee walkoff victory. That was a classic ending. I absolutely loved Cervelli's reaction. I loved how excited he looked sprinting to first base. I loved how he turned first and kept running. I love the arms raised in triumph reaction he had to the pie in the face. The kid has great energy. I'm looking forward to seeing him grow within the organization. I love the kid.

Before I move on to the game itself, I wanted to talk a little bit more about Posada. He was originally fined 4 games, which in my opinion, was far less than I expected. Most pitchers get 6 games (reduced to 5 after appeal) for allegedly throwing at a guy. Posada incited a brawl and got 4 games. He got off easy, especially since they dropped the suspension to 3 games since he didn't appeal. Jorge would have missed today's game anyway because he had a stiff neck, which was from his role in the melee. He's lucky that's all that happened. I mentioned earlier that I thought someone was in a bench-clearing brawl and ended up getting hurt and missing the season. I couldn't remember who it was when I wrote the post but I remembered it later on. It was Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee. He was in a BCB with the Yanks and ended up missing the season because he got hurt. Point is, things can happen. I like seeing the fire and the team standing up for each other, but there's a time for it. When you're the best team in MLB, that time isn't with 3 weeks left in the season. Jorge should know better. now back to your regularly scheduled programming.....

Chad Gaudin pitched better than I thought he would. I thought he was going to get rocked. I'm very pleased with his outing. If I'm running things, I put Gaudin in the 5th spot over Sergio Mitre. I don't prefer either one really, but if my choice is Gaudin or Mitre, I'm taking Gaudin. He's been the better pitcher.

Props to the bullpen for shutting things down. Except for Brian Bruney. Bruney has actually been decent lately. He had a 0.87 ERA in August and until tonight, he had a 2.45 ERA in September. I can see why Girardi went to him but Bruney makes me nervous every time he pitches. I don't like that. Phil Hughes on the other hand? Hakuna matata my friends. Hakuna matata. It was an impressive 1-2-2 8th for Phil. Hughes has been great as a reliever. I'd argue that he and Mariano Rivera might just be the best back-of-the-bullpen tandem in the game right now. If you disagree, let me know.

Big night again for Hideki Matsui. Godzilla had the big knock in the 8th. He picked up 3 RBI tonight and that brings his September ribbie total to 13. 13 RBI in 13 games. Not bad. I had a good feeling about the game as soon as Brett Gardner reached base in the 9th. You just knew he was stealing 2nd. It wasn't a question of if. It was a question of when. I really wanted to see Jeter drive him home. I really want to see the Captain take a pie to the face. Part of me wonders if A.J. would be scared to do it. It is Derek Jeter after all. But you know he'd do it. He'd have to. I hope we see it before the year is out. It was their 14th walkoff win of the year and that leads MLB. You can never count this team out. They've won 94 games for a reason.

Not sure if anyone out there caught the end of the Sox/Angels game. What a travesty! That was some horrible umpiring right there. First of all Nick Green went around. He knew it. the Angels knew it. Everyone knew it. Except the umpires. A few pitches later, Green channeled his inner Carlos Beltran and watched strike 3. The ump though, for reasons unbeknownst to everyone, called the pitch ball four which forced in the tying run. It was a horrendous call. I was watching the MLB Network's coverage of it and the entire in-studio crew thought it was strike 3. The umps handed that game to the Red Sox on a silver platter. Whatever.

The Yankee win drops the magic # to 11. The Rangers lost so the magic # for a playoff spot is down to 4. I think it's safe to say they've got a playoff spot wrapped up. The team has an off day tomorrow and the action resumes Friday night out in Seattle. The win tonight should definitely make the off day and the flight much more enjoyable. I know it will for me. Enjoy the off day.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,