Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yanks Move One Step Closer To HFA With 5-3 Win Over Angels

Yesterday's 5-3 W over the Halos put the Yankees one step closer to the playoffs and one step closer to clinching home-field advantage. The win put the Yankees lead over the Angels at 6 games (5 in loss column) with 17 to play. It was a pretty big win as having HFA throughout the playoffs is a pretty big deal, especially when you're one of the best teams at home. I'd like to say the Yanks are the best home club in MLB but their 51-22 home record (.699) is just behind Boston's 50-21 record (.704). In all likelihood, the Yankees are going to meet up with Texas (.500 winning percentage on road) or Detroit (.417 winning percentage on road) in the 1st round of the playoffs. They're not exactly road warriors. The 2nd round will likely be a matchup against the Angels (.583 winning percentage on road) or Boston (.479 winning percentage on road). HFA will be key to the playoff run. But you've got to get there first. The win puts the magic # to clinch the AL East at 12. The magic # to clinch a playoff spot is 7. The magic # to clinch HF from the Angels is 13. 17 games to go. It's hard to believe it's almost October.

I didn't see much of the game last night. I fell asleep right after Teixeira tripled to give the Yanks a 3-2 lead. Not a bad night for Mark as he went 3-4 with 2 RBI. He now has an 8 RBI lead on Evan Longoria for the most in the AL. He still needs 4 HRs to catch Carlos Pena. I'm thinking that he's not going to catch him. The rest of the production came from Robbie Cano and Nick Swisher. Nicky Swish has been on a tear lately. So has Cano for that matter. Swish has been on fire since the tail end of August. Since 8/29, a span of 15 games, Swish is batting .345 (20-58) w/6 HR and 12 RBI. Color me impressed. The "Rally Killer" has been pretty good lately. Cano has had a pretty good stretch too. Since 8/22, a span of 23 games, RC is hitting .363 (33-91) with 16 ribbies. I love Cano. If you do too, you might want to check out eBay and do a search for "Cano game used." His agent usually has some of his game-used sweatbands for sale. You can usually get the pair for $35 or so, which if you ask me is a kick-ass deal. If you're into memorabilia like I am, give it a look.

What do you know? Joba has put together 2 decent starts in a row. He's been getting it done ever since Jeter talked to him on the mound against the Rays. JC's line in his last 2 starts: 7 IP, 7 hits, 3 ER, 1 BB, 5 K, and 2 HR. Hopefully, Joba has got his act back together and can pitch better on a more consistent basis. He's going to be needed for the playoff run. CC and Pettitte look to be solid. Burnett and Joba are scuffling. They need at least 3 of them to be rolling if they want to go deep into the playoffs. Hopefully Joba has turned the corner. Again.

Tonight's game is on My9 which means no Yankee baseball for me. It's Sergio mitre vs. Roy Halladay. This game has mismatch written all over it. It might not be a bad one to miss. We'll see. Hopefully they can take it to Doc and move one (or two) steps closer to clinching. Enjoy the game.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,