Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Giambi To Rocket: Hurry Up

I guess there was a segment on SportsCenter (or Baseball Tonight) today/yesterday that talks about the Yankees stepping up recruiting efforts to bring back Roger Clemens. You can check the clip out over at ESPN.com. Giambi is apparently sending the Rocket text messages and leaving him voicemails. "When are you coming?" "We need you." And according to ESPN, his latest after the Sox sweep was "Hurry up." Maybe they need to put the 13 year girl who just became the National Texting Champion on the payroll. I wonder if Andy signs his texts to Roger with BFF?
Hey, whatever gets it done. The staff is obviously in need of help and bringing in Roger will definitely be a huge step in the right direction. You'd almost have to think he could rapidly increase his win total with the Yankee lineup providing him all that run support. I can't see the Rocket giving up 5 runs a game so odds of him winning would be really high.
Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, Hughes, Clemens. Yikes.