Saturday, April 28, 2007


ended up going to Toronto for the Jays/Rangers game. I won't bore you with the details but the Rangers won in extra innings. I didn't get any autographs (bummer) though I just missed getting Mark Teixeira's. I brought along my XM Radio so I could listen to the Yanks game on the ride home. Since the Jays game went to extra frames, I turned it on while the Jays game went to the 9th. I got a few weird looks when I started clapping while nothing was happening at the Jays game, especially when Igawa got Big Fatty to ground into the DP in the 1st. The Jays fans must have thought I was on crack or something.
Am I the only who thought the Baseball Gods were against us when Karstens took the first pitch of the game of the knee (he has a cracked fibula)? I thought to myself, "You've got to be kidding me. I can't believe this is happening." I thought for sure this was going to turn into another game where the Yankee bullpen would be overused. But in stepped Kei Igawa, and he gave the Yankees exactly what they needed. I have a lot of confidence in Igawa. I had wanted him to start this game over Karstens in the first place, though I didn't want him to come in because of an injury. We've seen Kei pitch well before. He's fully capable of getting out major league hitters as he again demonstrated today. You've got to give it up to him. He shut the Sox down. He's definitely earned himself a few more starts.
It sounded like the Yankee had plenty of chances to break this game wide open but failed many times. 7 hits, 8 walks and 2 errors, or as John Sterling calls them, "eras." 17 baserunners and the Yankees managed 3 runs? That's not good. This offense should score a lot more than 3 runs with that many baserunners. I was sitting in traffic outside the Rogers Centre when Jorgie juiced one. That made the gridlock a little easier to bear. I really like listening to baseball on the radio, but I'm not big fans of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. Sterling can be okay at times but he needs to come up with new catchphrases. "Jorgie juiced one." That's bad. He might as well say "Jorgie porgie pudding and pie. Hit a homer and made them cry." They're both pretty ***. I hate that as much as "Robbie Cano. Don't you know." Horrible. I do like "A-bombs from A-Rod," but who doesn't? I hope we hear that many, many more times this year.
The last 2 innings of the game were absolute murder. I was about 5 kilometers 9hey, I was in Canada) from the US/Canadian border when Farnsworth walked Ortiz. The last thing I wanted was to be at the border if the Sox were making a comeback. I was picturing myself sitting there with the customs agent and hearing a faint John Sterling call a Sox homerun, and me letting out a loud F-bomb. I was about 45 seconds from the border when Farnsworth got Crisp looking to end the inning. I saw the highlight of Coco getting all gangsta on the umpire when I got home. That made me chuckle.
I was extremely nervous in the 9th. The last thing I wanted to hear on my final 10 minutes of drive time was Mo blow another save. The leadoff single to Varitek didn't do anything to help calm my nerves. 1 out. 2 outs. 3 outs. Yankees win. Yankees win. Thuhhhhh Yankees win.
That phrase never sounded so sweet. I'll be back with more later.