Sunday, April 29, 2007

Trade Melky

I'm listening to the Sox and Pinstripes radio show. Vince and his Yankee guest (I forget his name) were talking about the Yankee rotation and Vince posed the question is there anyone to trade for pitching. A crazy scenario hit me. Why not trade Melky Cabrera? He's basically relegated to a backup role with an occasional spot start when someone needs rest or is injured. So why not shop Melky? Follow me on this. Matsui and Damon are each locked up for a few more years. Abreu's contract is up at the end of the year and assuming the Yanks don't bring them back (and why would they if he can't hit the ball) I can't see them awarding the starting spot to Melky, especially when guys like Ichiro and Andruw Jones would be available. So again, Melky would be nothing more than a backup. Trading Melky for pitching would obviously open up a spot in the OF. Can you say Bernie Williams anyone?
I know the Yankee OF will be pretty old in a few years, so do we ride it out and hold onto the Melkman to step in as a full-time starter when that time comes? Keep in mind, the Yankees do have Jose Tabata in the minors, who by all accounts is going to be a pretty good major leaguer. So maybe there is no real need to keep Melky around as Tabata will likely be ready by the time those spots open up.
So say your Yankee GM Brian Cashman, do you shop Melky? I think you do, and I'll be honest, it's partially because Bernie is out there. I think the Yankee offense could use a guy like Bernie. And what Yankee fan wouldn't want to see Bernie back in Pinstripes?