Monday, April 30, 2007

Torre Is Safe (For Now)

I just got back to my desk from a meeting and heard Charley Steiner read a statement issued by Howard Rubernstein, on behalf of George Steinbrenner. This short of it, George isn't happy but he's satisfied with everyone's assurances that things will change. Here is the statement:

“The season is still very young, but up to now the results are clearly not acceptable to me or to Yankee fans. However, Brian Cashman, our general manager, Joe Torre, our manager, and our players all believe that they will turn this around quickly. I believe in them. I am here to support them in any way to help them accomplish this turnaround. It is time to put excuses and talk away. It is time to see if people are ready to step up and accept their responsibilities. It is time for all of them to show me and the fans what they are made of. Let’s get going. Let’s go out and win and bring a world championship back to New York. That’s what I want.”

I think everyone is pretty confident that things will change soon. But it's time from them to put up or shut up and put their money where their mouths are. Can you imagine if baseball teams were run like most companies? Imagine if the Yankees could "write-up" or put in place some sort of disciplinary action on say Bobby Abreu for not doing his job. If I wasn't meeting my boss' expectations you can sure as "heck" bet that I'd get a nice talking to. If I flat out couldn't do the job they were paying me for, you can sure bet I'd be fired.
I'm glad that Torre is staying. He does at times make me scratch my head and wonder what he's doing (i.e. Mientkiewicz batting 2nd). He sometimes seems to have his wits about him. Other times he reminds me a lot of Junior Soprano. But I do think he is doing the best he can with what he's got and what he's had to deal with. You can only do so much with injuries and with underperformers like Bobby Abreu. I hope when all is said and done Torre gets to go out on his terms. He's done enough for the organization that I think he deserves that.
But things definitely need to change.