Thursday, June 5, 2008

All Hail The Stache!!!

Wow what a ballgame! The mustachioed Giambino hits a pinch-hit, 2-out, 2-strike, 2-run walkoff HR to beat the Jays. I just got finished watching the replay of the game and oh to be at home plate to partake in the celebration. That looks like a lot of fun. That was definitely the best win of the season, even with the negatives that come along with it. Is this going to be the turning point? Giambi set off the run a few years ago with an extra-inning game winner against Pittsburgh. Can lightning strike twice? Who needs lightning when you have the 'stache?

I listened to most of the game at work today. I left my desk for a 2pm meeting and the score was 2-0 Yankees headed into the bottom half of the 3rd. I come back about 40 minutes later and it's 7-2 Jays with 1 out in the 5th and Ross Ohlendorf on the mound. That was a head scratcher to say the least. John Sterling started talking about an error by Melky that pretty much led to all 5 runs. I of course being at worked missed it. As I was driving home after the game my friend Don had called and explained to me that it was a sure-fire double play. As he described it, Melky could have ran to 2nd himself and touched the bag. He catches the ball, inning over. I later saw a replay of it during the replay and it was pretty bad. That had routine written all over it. Chein-ming has to pick the team up after a play like that. He can't pull a Mussina like he did today with a HBP followed by a single then a double. No offense to the league leader in wins. Wang being the ace of the staff has to take back control of the inning. Wang again wasn't all that effective. Out of the gate he was cruising but definitely far from his best outing. It makes me wonder what's wrong with Wang? It has to be more than a simple problem with the release point. He's walking way too many and he's not getting any double play balls. It appears he's having trouble finishing off his sinker. Not sure as to why. Injury maybe? Cross your fingers it's something that he can fix. If it is, why is it taking so long?

I was impressed today with the bullpen, except Farnsworth of course. The Yankees bullpen has been so hit-or-miss, inconsistent to say the least. Thankfully today they hunkered down and kept the Jays at 7. Except of course for Farnsworth, who picked up a cheap win. I was exchanging e-mails with my buddy Dan (not to be confused with the aforementioned Don) during the game and we thought we'd be alright if Farnsworth could keep it close as the Yanks had the heart of the lineup coming up in the 9th. And he gave up a run in what, like, 5 pitches? I am of course exaggerating but single, single, double all with no outs isn't the way to start an inning. I'll give him credit for how he finished the inning but the job is to not let anyone score. I cringe whenever he comes in.

I left work right after the top of the 9th ended. I was expecting that if it got down to Molina's spot in the order that we'd see Giambi. What I wasn't expecting was there to be 2 out hits by A-Rod and Matsui to set it up. When Giambi stepped to the plate I had a feeling he might go yard. I slid my hand into my pocket to reach for my cell so I could call Dan (not Don) when it happened but knew if I pulled it out I'd slap the whammy on things so I left it alone. Two pitches later I'm listening to John Sterling tease me with the is is fair or foul call. It was fair. It was high. It was far. It was gone. Ball game over. Yankees win. Thuhhhhh Yankees win. I then of course pulled out the cell and called Dan who didn't know what happened and put a little sunshine into his day. It also made the ride home a heck of a lot better.

The Yanks fared pretty well against the league's best pitching staff. You have to be encouraged by what we've seen from them recently. And now that Posada is back? Watch out. It's hard to believe that the Yanks have had their opening day lineup on the field 4 times this year. Incredible. We again find the team at a familiar place, .500. The struggling Royals are coming to town for a 4 game set and there's no better time to get over this hump of mediocrity than right now. The team is coming of a huge win. The Royals are 2-8 in their last 10 and have the 2nd worst record in the AL. It's time to make a move.