Friday, June 6, 2008

Yanks Offense Goes Missing, Royals Win 2-1

Only the Yankees would lose a game to a team that's lost 11 straight road games. If I remember correctly, the Yankees were the team that lost to the Royals a few years ago when KC had lost like 13 in a row. Not much to say about tonight's game. Rasner pitched a beauty and the offense failed to pick him up. They had their chances but didn't come through when it counted. This game was very reminiscent of some early season losses. Great pitching, no hitting, lose by 1. And now the team again finds itself 1 game below even. If anything they're consistently mediocre. Check out these #s that Pete Abraham posted on his blog:

Not counting days off, the Yankees have been either .500 or a game plus or minus 46 of a possible 60 days this season
Days at .500: 20
Days at one game under .500: 16
Days at one game over .500: 10
They have been two games over twice and more than one game under the 12 times. So for 77 percent of this season, they’ve been basically a .500 team.

Like I said, consistently mediocre. It's getting old.



Joe said...

They have been better than bad but worse than good.