Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yanks Rolling, Up 13-0 In 8th, Put It On The Board

Quickly, Happy Father's Day to all you father's out there. I hope your day is as special as mine. Being the father of a 9.5 month old, this is my 1st Father's Day. Good times. It's currently the bottom of the 7th and the Yanks are rolling the Astros 11-0. I'm trying to get a jump on my post game entry before we head to the in-laws for a Father's Day BBQ. Assuming the lead holds up, and it better considering they have an 11 run lead, the Yankees are in the midst of a nice winning streak. They're doing exactly what they need to do and that's beat up on the inferior National League teams that they're playing. Everything is coming together right now. Great pitching. Solid defense. And they're hitting the ball. To quote the legendary Lou Brown, "It's starting to come together."

Chien-Ming Wang had another terrific outing. It's safe to say that he's worked out what ever mechanical issues he might have had. Unfortunately for the Wanger, and for Yankees' fans everywhere, Wang ran into a "foot injury" when he was rounding the bases. All we know right now is that it's a "foot injury." I'm sure we'll know more later and when we do, I'll certainly be back to blog about it. For now, we'll all have to hold our breath. I wouldn't think it would be a muscle-related injury, which is good. I'm guessing an ankle sprain of some varying degree. I've rolled an ankle before and also jammed it sliding into 2nd base during a softball game. It bruises, it swells, and in a few days it's fine. I'm hoping it's not too serious and that Wang doesn't miss his next start. With the off day tomorrow he can probably pick up another day's rest. My fingers are crossed.

The bats exploded today there in the 6th inning. I thought for sure the Yanks were going to end up with a goose egg that inning after Wang's failed sacrifice attempt. That would have been rough considering Posada and Cano roped two shots over the bag at third that kicked off the stands. Back-to-back doubles turned into 2 singles. But then Miguel Tejada dropped the flip to 2nd and the flood gates opened. It's now the top of the 8th and it's not getting any better for the Astros. It's now 13-0. Put it on the board. This one is over. Every starter had a hit today with the exception of Melky. You know you had a good day at the plate when 6 of your 8 starters have multi-hit games. A-Rod and Johnny D. continue to be hot. What's up with Damon's broken bat craze he's on? I read that eh switched to traditional ash bats. Funny how he still shatters bats even after switching away from maple.

Well, my son is up from his nap and I'm getting pressured by the missus to wrap this up so we can head out. This team is on a roll. 4 straight and 5 of 6 on the road. They're now a season high 4 games over .500. Everything seems to be clicking. Like I wrote above, it's starting to come together. Hopefully, the news on Chien-Ming is good and it's nothing serious. Stay tuned.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,