Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Need A Guest Blogger

Since I have to play softball on Wednesday nights, games start at 7:10, I miss a lot of every Wednesday Yankee game. For example, when our game ended today, the Yanks were up 1-0 through 4. I get to listen to the game on the ride home, but it's not the same. If anybody wants to take a crack at writing an entry of sorts, feel free to whip something up and I'll copy/paste it word for word into an entry. I might have some comments based on what I heard/saw (I have it on now, 4-1 top of 7) and will post those, but I find myself extremely tired by the time I'm home and get settled in. For example, the wife told em I smelled when I came in so I have to shower. Hence, I'll miss some action.

So if interested, like I said, all you have to do is send me what you want to say in an e-mail, contact info is at the top right. I'll post everything I get sent, which I'm imagining won't be a lot, sometime tomorrow morning, with my own little entry coming tomorrow as well. Depending on how this goes, maybe this can be a regular thing if/when I miss games.

I do have 1 comment about tonight's game and it has to do with John Sterling. If you check this blog out regularly, you know I'm not a fan of Sterling, or Michael Kay. sterling's stupid sayings drive me nuts. They're horrible. I heard one today that takes the cake. After Wilson Betemit hit a HR, Sterling says, "For the Betemit of the Yankees." Gag me with a spoon. Yeah, I just went 80's on you guys. For the Betemit of the Yankees? Horrible. Just awful.

Yanks up 4-1 now mid 7. Moose is in line for the win. 3 outs til Mo. Let's go Yankees!



Jason said...

I would be willing to guest blog on Wednesdays, which are often fairly open for me. I'll e-mail you comments if you'd like.