Saturday, June 21, 2008

Giese Fillis In Well For Wang But Yanks Drop 2nd Straight

Wow, 2 straight losses. I forgot what that felt like for a brief moment. Not much to really say about the game. It was a tough one. For a while it looked like one run would win it. The Yanks had their chances, but came up empty. They often do against pitchers they've never seen. They never seem to hit the ball well against guys making their major league debuts. The 2nd inning was their best chance and they failed miserably. Bases loaded no outs, no runs. Horrible. Posada did the worst thing you can do in that situation and that's fail to put the ball in play. Cano did the 2nd worst thing you can do and that's pop out. And Melky of course kills the rally with a whiff. Melky has been absolutely horrible lately. I wouldn't complain if the Yankees gave Brett Gardner a look. Doubt that'll happen though.

Dan Giese pitched a great game today. I'll take that outing every time. He was pitching beautifully until he made an errant throw to 2nd on a potential DP. The standing ovation he received from the Yankee Stadium crowd was well deserved. I found myself clapping along with them. He pitched well enough to win that game. Just took a bad beat. He definitely deserves another shot at starting. If he continues to pitch like that he'll have Yankee fans saying "Wang who?" Just kidding. No chance of that happening. Chien-Ming is the man.

Andy Pettitte on the hill tomorrow. No better guy you want pitching after a Yankee loss. On a sunnier note, Daisuke Matsuzaka in his return for the DL threw 1 inning, giving up 6 hits and 7 earned, walking 3. I love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Peace , love, and Pinstripes,