Friday, June 13, 2008

The Time Is Now For Yanks To Make A Move

If the Yankees want to make a serious run up the standings there is no better time to do that than right now. Interleague play is upon us and the Yankees have ended up drawing a string of pretty weak opponents. The Yankees have been stuck in a funk, consistently hovering at and around .500, and these next 15 games could prove to be the part of the schedule that makes or breaks the season.

The Yanks play Houston (33-34), San Diego (30-38), Cincinnati (32-36), Pittsburgh (33-34) and the Mets (31-34). None have a record above .500 and collectively those opponents are 159-176, a combined winning percentage of .475.

The Red Sox draw the Reds (32-36), Phillies (40-28), St. Louis (40-28), Arizona (36-31) and Houston (33-34). Those teams are a combined 181-157 (.536).

The Rays get to go against the Marlins twice (36-30), Cubs (43-24), Astros (33-34) and the Pirates (33-34). Those 4 teams are a combined 145-102 (.587).

Who would you rather be? My point exactly.

The Yanks have to make the most of this. None of this win, lose, win, lose BS that we're growing accustomed to. They're only 7 games out of 1st and 6 back in the loss column. Last year after 67 games the Yanks were 35-32, 8.5 back. They were a .500 team (43-43) at the all-star break last year, were 9.5 back, and still made their way into the postseason. There's lots of baseball left to play. They'be been in this position quite a bit in recent years and they're always playing October baseball.

I can't count them out until the final bells rings. Neither should anyone else.