Monday, June 2, 2008

Well That Was Fun. Not. Yanks Lose 6-5

That was an extremely frustrating game to watch. 2-0 lead. Gone. 4-2 lead. Gone. 5-4 lead. gone. And Kyle Farnsworth quickly puts the Yankees down for good. K-Farns has gotten into the habit of giving up runs in every other outing. May 17= 3 runs. May 22 = 0 runs. May 24 = 2 runs. May 27 = 0 runs. May 30 = 1 run. May 31= 0 runs. June 2 = 1 run. Memo to Joe Girardi: Kyle Farnsworth sucks. It's not all his fault though. Andy Pettitte has to protect the lead. He was given 3 leads tonight and he blew them all. Andy is better than that. Pettitte wasn't sharp tonight. He got knocked around and it ended up biting the team in the rump. At least he toughed it out and pitched 7 innings. The Yanks will need the bullpen tomorrow.

I have mixed feelings about the offense. They hit the ball but didn't when it counted. 5 runs on 15 hits. Not very productive. Individually, they were fine. Collectively, they blew. As I wrote yesterday they own Livan Hernandez and they owned him again. They definitely let him off the hook. The Yanks left 10 guys on base and they can't do be doing that if they want to win. Arrrgh!

Michael Kay needs to shut his pie hole. "The Twins are the only team without a HR from their catcher." Joe Mauer goes yard. "Twins fans are upset that Delmon Young is only hitting singles." He hits 3 doubles. Don't quote me on this last one but "The Yankees have only lost 4 times when Johnny Damon gets 2 hits in the game." Damon gets 2 hits and the Yankees lose. Man I hate that guy. Most of you know that already. He's a d-bag.

Back below .500. Frustrating. Very frustrating to watch. It won't be an easy task beating the Jays tomorrow. Joba makes his debut as a starter against Roy Halladay. This should be fun. This team really needs to start winning consistently. They've been playing better lately but they just can't put it all together. The Jays are playing good ball. Their pitching staff is unreal. As quickly as the Yanks got back to .500, they can just as easily drop right back down to 4 games below even against these guys.

I'm tired. I'm ticked. I'm tired of being ticked. AARGH. Well, at least the Sox lost.