Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Winning Doesn't Stop As Yanks Sweep Padres

Due to back-to-back meetings today, I didn't hear very much of today's game on my XM. I caught the first 3 innings when not much happened. I took my radio with me to the meetings so I could look at the score on the radio's screen. It was stuck on 1-0 Padres with 1 out in the 4th forever. I kept expecting to see the lead increase but it must have been some kind of lag. The 1st meeting ended a few minutes early. By the time I walked downstairs to my desk the Yanks had tied up the game. The 2nd meeting started and it ended at the same time the 8th inning ended. I did get to hear Mo K the side in the 9th for the save. That was all I needed to hear.

According to the box score, it looks like Joba pitched well, though wasn't overly economical with his pitches. I heard him dodge a huge bullet when the Padres loaded up the bases with no outs in the 2nd. I'm assuming that was one of the biggest spots in the game and he flew through it with flying colors. I'm pleased with his line. The only negative aspect is that he's still winless as a starter.

I like seeing how the Yankees manufactured that 1st run of the game. Walk - steal 2nd - steal 3rd - sac fly - tie game. I'm assuming that Girardi knew the team wasn't hitting the ball well and I like the aggressive approach to put Melky into scoring position. A little small ball doesn't hut every now and then.

The bullpen definitely came through today keeping the Padres off the board. I'm not sure though whether or not I want to give Farnsworth credit for pitching well or the Padres offense for being terrible. Considering how bad K-Farns is, I'll chalk it up to a poor Padres offense. Mariano continues to pitch lights out baseball. He threw in each game of the Padres series. 9 hitters faced, 3 Ks. He sent the side down on strikes twice. He's. Just. Awesome.

7 straight wins. 2 straight sweeps. Kickin' ass and taking names. Bring on the Reds!