Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Legacy Of Greatness DVD

You may have seen the commercials on YES mentioning the 10-part Legacy Of Greatness DVD that the NY Daily News is releasing via it's newspaper. They gave away part 1 (The Catchers) at the Stadium yesterday. I was curious if anyone has any of the DVDs, and if there is anything in them that's not in the Yankeeography DVDs that makes them worth $4.99 per DVD. as I understand it, each DVD is 30 minutes and includes most of what's in the Yankeeography.

And fear not those of you outside of the NY metro area. You can still get the collection without having to pay the ridiculous prices on eBay. People are trying to sell individual DVDs for $10/each, and the set for $100 plus. They can be ordered from the Daily News for $49.90 (plus tax) plus shipping, which I think is $14.95. Considering you'd have to buy 10 newspapers to get the redeemable coupons, it's only like $9 more for the set. You can find more info about that here, or by calling 800-873-4172 to order (while supplies last).

But if anyone has any of the DVDs, let me know if it's worth it. I have the Yankeeography set and don't want to drop $70 for 10 minutes of new stuff.