Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breaking News: Nick Swisher Didn't Kill The Rally

At work, got the game on the radio. Nick Swisher was up with Cano on 3rd and 2 outs in the 5th inning. I was all ready to blast a tweet via text calling Swisher the "Rally Killer" when all of a sudden a miracle happened. Swisher tripled in Cano to cut the Angels lead to 2-1. I was expecting the strikeout but I'll happily take the hit. I find no joy in calling Swish "The Rally Killer." But he has definitely killed his fair share of rallies.

Looking back at last year's stats and some of his career numbers, you can see how bad he was:

  • Runners on: 50-203 (.246) w/.855 OPS
  • RISP: 57-119 (.227) w/.741 OPS (.223 w/.780 OPS)
  • RISP & 2 outs: 8-49 (.163) w/.583 OPS (career .218 w/.781 OPS)
  • Bases loaded: 3-19 (.158) w/.491 OP (career .267 w/.894 OPS)

The season is young, but Nick has had killed a few rallies this year. Had Swish come up empty in his 5th inning AB, his average with RISP & 2 outs would have dropped to .200. But he didn't and now he's rocking a .400 average. I know it's a small sample size (5 ABs), but I hope he's turned the corner. He's going to have a lot of chances this year to knock in runs. I hope he improves on his performance from last year. I'd love nothing more than to stop calling him "The Rally Killer."

Yanks are now down 4-1. Ugh.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,