Thursday, April 15, 2010

Son Of A *****...Yankees Games On My9 In Buffalo Suck Balls

**update on 4/15/10- click here for a more up-to-date post on My9 games in Buffalo

I just turned on my TV and flipped to the MLB Network because they're supposed to be carrying tonight's Yankees/Angels game. It wasn't listed on YES and I should have known that meant it was on My9, but I didn't put two and two together and I thought the MLB Network must have had exclusive rights to the game. Much to my disappointment, the MLB Network is showing the Reds/Marlins game. A visit to and I see that the game is on My9. Son of a *****!

It appears that we're going to have another season where when the game is on My9, the Buffalo market misses out. Quick refresher: the My9 games used to be carried on WNGS here in Buffalo. WNGS folded and the games went with them. When I talked to the local My9 affiliate last year they said they wanted to get the contract for this year. I guess that didn't work out because they're broadcasting the classic film, Robocop 2. Son of a *****!

I've gotten a few extra visits tonight from people looking for the game. Sorry gang, we're out of luck. I've flipped through all of the channels and the Yankees are nowhere to be found. There's a small chance that if you're a Time Warner subscriber that the game will show up on their local sports station. If you're DirectTV or Fios (like me), get used to it. As of now it looks like games on My9 means no Yankees games in Buffalo. I scanned through the schedule and it looks like there are 21 games on My9 this year. So it looks like we here in Buffalo will be missing 1/8 of the season. Son of a *****!

Hopefully there's a solution out there somewhere. Anybody got suggestions??

Peace, love and death to My9,