Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Grandyman Can

They keep replaying John Sterling's Granderson HR call from last night's game on MLB Network Radio on XM. It's pretty comical. For those that haven't heard it, it starts out with "Oh Curtis. You're something sort of grandish" and it ends with Sterling singing, "The Grandyman can. The Grandyman can." Funny stuff. At least he changed it from just "you're something sort of grandish." That's apparently from some old school musical call "Finian's Rainbow." Yeah, it was over my head too. The call is still kind of silly, but it's much better with "the Grandyman" lines added in.

Personally, I think sterling's HR calls are more of a joke than anything else. Who can forget such classics as "For the Betemit of the Yankees," or "Fill it up, Phillips"? God those are terrible. I'm not a big Sterling fan. Sometime he's tolerable but most of the time I find him to be God-awful. But that's just me.

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Peace, love and Pinstripes,