Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Hate My Job & Miss My Yankees

Ugh. We have a new boss where I work and he's running us ragged. I don't know if any of you watch The Office but if you do, it's kind of like the St. Patrick's Day episode where everyone worked late because the boss worked late. My The worst part is my commute is already 35-45 minutes so I now have to get up at about 5:30 or so to get to work on time. Ugh.

I crashed last before 9pm so I didn't see any of Phil's masterpiece. I would have punched myself in the face 100 times if he threw a no-no. I haven't seen any highlights but it sounds like the hit was a bad beat. Wish I saw the game.

I was in a meeting so I missed the beginning of today's game. I turned on the radio after it was already 3-0.

I'm going to try and blog later tonight but am making no promises. I hope too, but for all I know I'll be getting home at 8pm.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



smurfy said...

I have to get up at 5, for now, so I stretched it to watch te first half. Sweet rise on the fastball, seemed like he was putting it where he wanted. Effective cutter, tight curve. He didn't throw either till he used two curves to strike out Gabe Gross in the third. Gross is from a long line of hitters.

Killed me to switch off!

phillies123 said...

Enjoy watching the game...

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J-Boogie said...

Smurfy- I'm kind of glad I wasn't tuned in. I would have really struggled to turn it off and I would have been a zombie the next day. I'm loving what I'm seeing/hearing about Phil this year. He's going to be a big bright spot.