Friday, April 16, 2010

Carsten In Charge: CC Dominates The Rangers In A Rain-Shortened Complete Game

I think I'm adjusting well to watching the Yankees while having 2 kids under 3 at home (soon to be 3 kids 3 and under). I thought it was going to be tough since they get ready for bed between 7-8 every night. I've gotten my routine down. I DVR the game while hanging with the kids (bath followed by some Handy Manny or Special Agent Oso). They turn in and and I turn on. I fast forward thru the game (on the slowest speed) making sure to stop and watch any key spots. It's not ideal for me but it works. Like CC pitching to Cervelli, I hope it keeps working.

CC is pitching like it's mid-August. Remember last year when he went 9-0 in his last 11 starts? Yeah, he's that good right now. I know. I know. It's been 3 starts but you can't deny that the big man is locked in. He pitched 6 dominant innings tonight and if the game didn't called I have no doubt he would have gone the distance as he finished with 73 pitches. His control tonight was downright remarkable. Personally, I think a great strike-to-ball ratio is anything above 65%. CC threw 58 of his 73 pitches for strikes. For those of you that are mathematically challenged, I'll be your hook-up. 79.5% of CC's pitches were strikes. Yeah, you read that right. 79.5%! I don't think I've ever seen anyone throw such a high percentage of strikes. It definitely looked like CC's game plan tonight was to attack the strike zone. Mission accomplished. CC finished with 9 Ks. That's a lot of swings and misses. I know he allowed 3 hits but for the most part he was unhittable.

I'm in favor of having CC always throw to Francisco Cervelli. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it. CC's last 2 outings, both with Cervelli as his catcher, were pretty darn close to perfect. I'm sure CC would do just as well with Posada. I'm sure he'd do just as well as if he were pitching to me because he's that good. Bottom line for me: don't mess with the mojo.

Derek Jeter and Robbie Cano both stayed hot and both are now rocking 10 game hitting streaks. It's the first time in the team's storied history that 2 teammates have opened the season with hitting streaks that long. They show no signs of slowing either.

Mark Teixeira on the other hand? Yeah he's not so hot. He's sitting on 3 hits. What's really sad is his 3 hits were back-to-back-to-back and they all came in the same game. He started the season 0-17 and he's now 0 for his last 16. His 0-17 was the longest hitless streak of his career. He's 1 AB away from tying that mark, 1 week after he set it. Ouch. There's no 2 ways about it: Tex sucks right now. After 10 games last year he was hitting .206 (7-34) with an .878 OPS. After 10 games this year he's hitting .083 (3-36) and an OPS of .394. Wow. And we thought he struggled last year. Somebody needs a slumpbuster.

The game might have been rain-shortened but there's no question that the Yankees would have won had it gone the distance. The win puts the record at 7-3 which again, is pretty darn impressive considering the teams they've played so far. It's your turn A.J. Keep the good times rolling.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Jason from The Heartland said...

The Big Guy has been a tremendous acquisition, J-Boogie. He was both dominant and efficient Friday night--9 K's in 6 IP, but just 73 pitches. His off-speed stuff for K's, combined with taking a bit off the fastball with the two-seamer, makes for a deadly combination when C.C. has it rolling, which he unquestionably did Friday night. I can watch that guy pitch forever.