Thursday, April 15, 2010

Robinson Cano Powers Yankees To 6-2 Win

Thanks to Mike D, I got to see the last 2 innings of tonight's Yankees/Angels game. He tipped me off to a website that was carrying the MLB.TV feed so I tuned in for the last 2 innings. I'm really hoping the website has the future My9 games on its site. I really thought the issue of the My9 games not being on TV here in Buffalo would have resolved itself by now, but no luck. Not for me anyway. DirectTV and TWC customers apparently get the games now. We FIOS customers are still out in the cold. So I didn't see much.

I'm especially ticked because I was really looking forward to seeing Phil Hughes pitch. From the little I gathered about his outing online (people's tweets during game), it wasn't the prettiest of outings. I can kind of tell that by looking at the box score. Phil threw 109 pitches in 5 innings of work. Not very economical. He walked 5 but had a decent strike-to-ball ratio (60.6%). He whiffed 6 so he got a lot of swings and misses. Allowing 3 hits and 2 earned in 5 innings of work isn't all that bad. But it sounds like his overall outing should be met with mixed reviews. I'm assuming there was some good and some bad. If anybody wants to share their opinion I'm all ears. I'm going to bring back a little something-something I did for Mike Mussina during his 20-win season. When Moose picked up the W, I busted out a Moose call, adding an extra "o" for every victory. So after his 20th it looked like "Moooooooooooooooooooose!" I'm going to do the same for Phil and break out with a "Hughes call" with 1 instance of the letter "u" per win. So today it's kind of lame since it's win #1: Hughes! I hope to add at least 19 more of those.

Didn't see any of the runs scored by the Yankees so can't say much about the offense. Robinson Cano is still on fire. He had 2 more pops today and knocked on 3. Just remember when he wins the 2010 AL MVP award that I predicted it before the season started. Can't imagine too many people did that. Here's a fun fact for you: Robbie has as many HRs (4) as David Ortiz has hits. That makes me laugh. Interesting Ortiz story: he's apparently getting sued by Jay-Z. As the story goes, Ortiz opened up a nightclub in the DR called it the "Forty/Forty Club." Jay-Z has a club in NYC called the "40/40 Club." Bam! Lawsuit! The rivalry runs deep.

I see Derek Jeter went deep for his 2nd HR of the season. I checked out the play-by-play and I'm not surprised that it was hit to RF. I don't think anybody in baseball has a sweeter "inside-out" swing than the Captain. It works rather well in the new Stadium.

Big up to Joba and Mo for picking up my fantasy team a hold and a save. Joba scares me a little. He lets too many guys on base (1.69 WHIP). Thank God the greatest closer in the history of baseball is not too far away. I know it's not Joba's fault the game turned into a save situation as DJ probably should have made that play, but still, bring that WHIP down my man.

The win tonight puts the Yanks record at 6-3. They've won each of the first 3 series and when you consider the opponents, it's impressive. The Rangers are up next and they're no slouch either. One could argue that the Red Sox, Rays, Angels, and Rangers are 4 of the best teams in the AL. If the Yankees can take at least 2 of 3 from Texas it should be obvious to everyone, not just us Yankee fans, that the Yankees are the team to beat.

To be the man, you've got to beat the man.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,


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How appropriate that someone named Robinson would have a big game on Jackie Robinson Day! Unbelievable!