Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yankees Offense Backs Up CC In 8-3 Win Over Orioles

Watched most of the game on fast forward tonight. The fam took me out for dinner figuring it would be a nice stress reliever. We didn't get back until the 2nd inning so I totally missed the Yanks score their first 2 runs. I DVR'd the game from the 2nd inning on and finally got caught up for the top of the 7th. It's been a struggle for me to start watching at first pitch. My kids start getting for bed around 7 and are down for the count by 8pm. We're in the process of getting our house packed up for our move and that took me away from watching until about 9:15 or so. It's interesting watching a game on FF. I usually stop it if something big happens. I stopped it quite a bit tonight as the Yankees poured on the runs. Love seeing that.

The bottom half of the Yankees order continues to impress. Not counting Posada, everyone 5-9 had a multi-hit game. Cano through Gardner combined to go 11-23. I talked yesterday about the mini-tears that Robbie Cano and Nick Swisher are on, each being 6 games long. You can now make that 7 games. Cano went 2-5 with a home run and Swisher went 3-5 with 2 runs and 2 ribbies. Cano is having a monster April. My prediction that he'll be the 2010 AL MVP is looking pretty good, eh? I can't believe he's hitting .390. I always knew Robbie was a good hitter. I didn't realize he was that good.

I see Posada is listed as day-to-day after being hit-by-a-pitch in the 2nd. I hope it's nothing serious and it doesn't sound like it is. If it happens to be, I'm glad we have Francisco Cervelli to fill in. He's having a phenomenal April. Maybe his oversized helmet has special powers? I can't help myself. Whenever I see him I say, "Gazooooo."

The top of the order had a better night tonight (4-17) than they did yesterday (1-18), but they're still under-performing. It's been the same story all year. Nick Johnson and Mark Teixeira are dragging ass right now. Johnson at least gets on base but his average (.143) and his SLG % (.232) leave a lot to be desired. And what's up with all the Ks? I thought Nick had this great eye. He's now walked 20 times and whiffed 20 times. Last year in 104 AB with the Marlins, Johnson struck out 18 times. He's got 20 in 56 AB this year. In his career, Nick strikes out once every 4.79 ABs. This year, it's once every 2.8 AB. Improvement needed. Just think for an extra million they could have resigned Hideki Matsui (.284/.359/.506).

CC Sabathia wasn't sharp tonight but still pitched pretty well. He gave up 11 hits and 2 walks but only gave up 3 runs. When you allow that many baserunners you're asking for trouble, unless of course you're a top-tier pitcher like CC. The best pitchers have an uncanny ability to get out of big spots. He got a big 2-out K to get out of a jam in the 1st. He got a big DP to end the 5th and another DP in the 7th. CC battled tonight and came out relatively unscathed.

One more tomorrow in Baltimore and then it's back home to the Bronx. A win tomorrow and the Yanks will return home with a 14-7 record. A loss will leave them at 13-8. Either way it was a pretty great month for the Yanks. They played a pretty tough schedule, complete with a west coast roadie and only 6 home games. A 13-8 start wouldn't be too shabby. But why settle for that? 14-7 would be so much better.

I'm so tired.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,